Before i start updating on Gold Coast, i shall post this first cos I was clearing my vanity table earlier so it’s looking neater now. I managed to snap some pictures before the vanity area go berserk again. Trust me, it doesn’t take long for it to go haywire.

Last month, i got myself the 5-Drawer Makeup Storage from Muji. It’s retailing at $39.00 and at first, i thought it wouldn’t be able to hold that much but i was proved wrong! I was able to fit in almost all my makeup stuff in there. very impressive.

I’ve featured that makeup drawer on Instagram previously. Here’s how it looks like:


The overall look i was aiming for. Clutter-free and reachable.


While i do rotate my scents, so that my nose don’t get too used to it, my favourite go-to scent is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Next would be Gucci Flora. Totally different from each other but unique in their own ways.


I also have another pull-out drawer where i keep all my back-up brushes in that Navy polka-dot brush roll, my eyeshadow palettes and some other back-up cosmetics and samples.


The 1st drawer is where i house all my lipsticks. Yummy lipsticks!


The 2nd drawer is where all the lip-glosses go to.


You can find most of my favourite blushers in the 3rd drawer.



The 4th drawer is where i keep some of the blushers i rarely use and all my Highlighters/Bronzers.


The last drawer features all the eye stuff like eyeliner, mascara and loose eyeshadow pots.


All nicely stacked up!

If you need an affordable makeup storage, i would totally recommend Muji’s.
It comes in different sizes to suit your needs and the quality is awesome for it’s price.
It’s not those el-cheapo acrylic that you can find in stationery stores but a sturdy one and would definitely last for years.

Next time, i shall do a separate entry on the ones i use regularly and maybe swatches if i’m not too lazy?

9 thoughts on “Facepaint”

  1. Wah your make up collection is extensive. I only have one or two variation of each make-up item. Maybe 3 or 4 lipsticks. That’s all! Haha!

  2. Oh yes oh yes oh yes! Haha! Your make up collection is orgasmic! Like you I also melampau lipstick. But have thrown out most of my Chanel ones because dah expired I think. Haha I just prefer M.A.C lippies so they get more use.

    1. Eh im the opposite! I think i no longer like my MAC ones. So i’m gonna sanitise them and pass it to my two sisters and buy more Chanel & YSL ones. Especially the YSL one cos it’s so nice & creamy! lol

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