All tanned up

I’m back!!!!
I’m slightly tanned and liking it. Pretty surprising cos i fall into that “i must buy all whitening products now!” category.
Weather in Gold Coast was really good. Sunny but not humid like in SG. Most importantly, no chaotar plants.
It gets really cold at night. Even my jacket can’t help me keep that warm. Time to get a new jacket. Hee.

I’m still editing pictures so that would have to come later when i write about the trip. But here’s our 1st GoPro video. Very simple but sums up almost everything we do. Couldn’t include the jetboating clip in it but the jetboating trip deserves a video on it’s own anyway.

We took it easy this trip. I wish we visited more places like the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary but that’s ok cos between that and Sea World, i actually love Sea World better.

2 thoughts on “All tanned up”

  1. looking at your video brings so many memories of gold coast. thankiu for sharing :”)
    i’m sure you have so much fun there.

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