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Last monday, i had the chance to go watch Yuna live at Esplanade for her Nocturnal Tour.
That woman is ah-maaaaazzzzziiiiinng!

That sultry voice and the band that accompanied her was superb. You know i almost cried when she sang some of her songs. Lol. There was just so much sincerity in the lyrics, you can’t help feeling like that song was made for you.


I love the Esplanade halls but hate the seats.

With the Sister-In-Law, Dila. This woman was patient enough to go queue up for an autograph!
I was too lazy to and furthermore i don’t really fancy asking celebrities for autographs and pictures. Lol
I’m just happy to appreciate the music. I also don’t see the need to buy front row tickets most of the time cos all i wanna do is listen to the live music.


With one of my bestie, Nini who helped to get the tickets for me! I got Yuna’s Nocturnal CD at the foyer because it’s been a long while since i’ve bought any and i feel Yuna’s CD is one worth buying! Gonna put it in the car and convince my husband to listen to Yuna and hopefully get him to drive in a calm manner.Hahaha. That boy is forever listening to heavy metal while driving. Bawak kereta pun macam setan.




Best thing about Phone Monopods, u get to take selfies with phones and extend that monopod and take pictures even though you’re short and you have so many people in front of you. Hahahaha

4 thoughts on “nocturnal”

  1. Yuna… I can’t love her music unfortunately. Haha! I get cranky everytime I hear her songs and hubby gets cranky because I’m cranky over a song. Vicious cycle. But then again I feel the same way about female Indon singers as well. No idea why… not that I dislike the genre though… But I LOVE Yuna’s fashion sense. Hijab, blazers, doc marts… to die for!

    1. hahahhaahha u sound like my husband!
      He finds Yuna depressing but i love her so much lah. And yes her fashion sense is really nice!

  2. I was there and saw you from afar looking at Yuna merch! Considered queuing up to get her autograph but when I found out we couldn’t take pics with her, I changed my mind! Anyway ahhmazing concert!!! 🙂

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