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Start of IVF Cycle No 2

Putting this on private till i’m ready to share about the pregnancy. ūüôā
Yes i’m pregnant with our 2nd child.

The 2nd cycle was really quite straighforward since we’ve done all the previous check up etc. We just had to do some blood test cos it has expired, mainly HIV etc. My egg reserves are still good, above average but it has halved from the previous cycle in 2013. So yes, age factor. The earlier you do IVF, the better.

Here is the IVF Timeline if you’re interested to know!

This time round, they gave me Pergoveris right from the start, together with Gonal F 150iu. Yes, Pergoveris, the one that stings so so badly.

21 April Р25 April 2017: 
Pergoveris (Morning)
Gonal F 150iu (Evening)

26 April – 29 April 2017
Cetrotide & Pergoveris (Morning)
Gonal F 150iu (Night)

30 April 2017 
Cetrotide & Pergoveris (Morning)
Suprefact 150iu Trigger Jab at 11.30pm

1 May 2017
No jabs. Fast from midnight onwards.

2 May 2017 
Sperm Collection at 9.00 am
Report to Ward 2A at 9.30 am
Oocyte Retrieval at 11.30 pm
Out of Operation Theatre at 12.45 noon
Ovidrel jab by nurse on tummy
1st meal at 4.00pm. Discharged at 5.00pm

They extracted 5 embryos and all from left Ovary.

3 May 2017
Embryologist called to inform out of 5 embryos, only 2 fertilised.
1 is a 3 cell & the other one is a 4 cell. They will update me again the next day if the eggs are growing well and fit for transfer.

4 May 2017
Embryologist called, both eggs are growing to 8 cells, excellent quality. We’re good to go for the Egg Transfer the next day!

5 May 2017
Embryo Transfer at 11.00 am. Done by 11.15 am. Discharged at 1.00pm. Our two wee wait begins this day!

I was quite slack this time round honestly. Didn’t follow my diet as strict as ¬†the 1st cycle.
Or maybe cos i was really busy this time round and i didn’t have much expectation. I went ahead with IVF Cycle No 2, knowing this will be our last cycle. Whether it turns out positive or otherwise, we leave it to Him.

We even went for a 4D3N trip to KL during my 2WW just to eat & shop and when we were there, i had a feeling i was pregnant. I had minor cramps, i was tired and had leg cramps. My immune system was down, i fell sick. Had fever & flu out of nowhere. Few days before the blood test, i was exceptionally tired. Kept wanting to take afternoon naps, lasting 2-3 hours each time & kept having vivid dreams. I know it was also a side effect of all the Progesterone Suppositories i was taking but deep inside, i know i’m pregnant. My boobs were sore. I couldn’t lie flat on my tummy & not cringe cos it was so painful.

The blood test day, i left Nadya at my mom’s & insist on going alone. Just in case, it’s negative i might want some time alone. Had trouble drawing blood out, but what’s new kan? But i managed to get everything done by 9am and went off to Jem for breakfast. I wanted to go shopping and do so many things at Jem but i was so tired and when i still have not heard from them by 12 noon, i board a taxi to head back to my mom’s place to rest. Just as the taxi was turning out of Jem, the nurse called & asked for my location & told me to come back cos Doc wanna see me cos i’m pregnant! Woot wooot!
i rushed back to NUH to see Dr Shakina, who was happy to see me.
“You very lucky ah. 2 cycles all strike” Alhamdulilah..

Took my progesterone medication and hello Proluton! Time for the twice weekly butt injection again for the entire 1st trimester. Surprisingly, the injections don’t feel as painful as the 1st cycle. Maybe cos i’ve learnt to manage my expectations this time round.

Alhamdulillah for the smooth 2nd cycle. Now hoping the 2nd pregnancy will go on smoothly just like the 1st, Insha Allah.


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The time has come!
We’ve finally decided to go for Cycle No 2! Actually we’ve talked about this previously. About wanting to try for No 2 when Nadya turns 2.

Nadya turned 2 on Saturday, 14th. NUH gave me an appointment yesterday, Monday the 16th. HAHAHA. Betul nya kasi chance nampak?

So anyway as i was saying, we did talk about trying for No 2 but for a while, i was a lil undecided about whether i really want No 2 or not. It was not a casual thought. It went on for months actually. Even when Polyclinic gave me the appt date, i was still thinking if i’m really sure about trying for No 2 cos it’ll be a fresh cycle all over again. This time round, with a toddler.

IVF No 1 was easy cos i don’t have to care for anyone except myself. Same goes for pregnancy No 1. I just buat hal sendiri and if i wanna wake up at 2.00pm everyday also can. But IVF No 2 & Insha Allah pregnancy no 2 would be a different ball game.

Then i realised i was overthinking things and i should just STFU and just go jer.
If Allah makes No 2 a reality, it means He wills it and He knows i’m capable of it. If He does not allow No 2 to happen, then maybe He knows i’m really not ready for it. Then i should just Redha. Partly, i’m also scared if No 2 does not happen as easily as No 1. Entah lah. But i’m at a better place right now and very sure that i want IVF Cycle No 2 to happen. Whether it results in baby No 2 or not, i’ll leave it in His hands.

So we went to Clinic G yesterday, informed the gynae i want to go for IVF No 2 and mentioned we want to start after the March School holidays because we’ll be going for a trip and we don’t want IVF to happen halfway. The gynae ordered a new round of blood test & sperm tests for us since the last time we did ours was more than 2 years ago and it has expired. She also advised me to try and lose some weight between now to March. So it’s time for me to start eating clean again!

So Rusly did his HIV Blood test yesterday. I only did some vaginal swab for Chlamydia test etc and have to wait for my next AF to arrive so i can do my Scan & Blood test to check on my ovarian reserves.

Results for the blood test will take about 6 weeks so i think we’re on track, Insha Allah.

Please keep us in your prayers. I’m so nervous for this cycle, God knows why.
I just hope it’ll be as smooth sailing as Cycle No 1. Insha Allah.


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Belaian Kasih

If you follow me on Social Media, i’ve mentioned about Belaian Kasih, an info-ed drama that’s aired every Wednesday and we’ll be on the upcoming episode, Episode 5!


We’ll be sharing about our IVF journey. Everything you need to know about IVF will be shared during that episode and Dr Jazlan will also give his input on that show.


Each time i get asked “what’s the common question you’ve received on IVF”
It’ll have to be how much does it cost. Many do not know IVF is heavily subsidized and i hope this show will cover on that because people need to know that!


I’ll see you next Wednesday at Suria, 9.00pm ok. It was really great having the production team around. From the pre-filming meeting to the filming day itself.

I’ve always been pretty open about IVF and willing to share more information about it so i hope you’ll watch it with me next wednesday! ‚̧

IVF Journey

The IVF Timeline

For those interested to know how long the IVF process went on for me, here’s the timeline for your reference. I’ve received a couple of emails on this, mainly from our Muslim sisters cos they don’t want their IVF process to clash with the start of Ramadhan. This should only be an estimate ok. If you’re required to take more drugs, then do expect the process to be slightly longer than this. Also, the type of drugs used also differs. If you’re doing it at NUH then¬†most probably you’ll get the same drugs as i do.

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The Raya Announcement

Eid Mubarak!

On this special day, the husband and i’ve decided (at the very last minute) to just go ahead and announce our pregnancy on social media.

To be honest, we only decided to announce because we have friends and family who have been leaving baby-related comments on our social media posts and it’s pretty obvious already. LOL
and also because i’ll need to announce to The Card Maison future clients soon because i’ll have to close orders for¬†April & May weddings soon as i’ll be on Maternity leave in¬†from late December to February.

photo 2
So yes, we are finally pregnant! Yaaaaaayyyy!

With that, i have also un-privatised my posts on the The IVF Journey and The Pregnancy.

I first announced my pregnancy a few days after our positive blood test here. So you can now read how excited i was upon finding out.

I’ll be 4 months pregnant tomorrow . Almost halfway through the pregnancy. So fast!

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IVF: Do’s & Don’ts

Quick update on my pregnancy!¬†It’s 7th week tomorrow!¬†So fast yet feels so slow.

We had our 1st Ultrasound scan last friday, in my 6th week. Was really nervous on that day.
You don’t know how paranoid i was the entire two weeks from my BFP to my 1st Ultrasound scan.
I didn’t have much symptoms. Got me quite worried and thinking if i’m really pregnant.
Even then, i was scared, what if it was a blighted ovum?

But all went well when we went for the Ultrasound Scan.
We did a trans vaginal scan and it was a bit painful. Doctor said the uterus area is very sensitive right now, which explains why it’s uncomfortable.
When i saw the flicker, i knew it was the heartbeat and i was overwhelmed with happiness.
I have a baby. A baby with a heartbeat. So so relieved.

Yes, we’re expecting a singleton! You know when we 1st did the transfer, i was hoping for twins. That would be really awesome. But nearer to the scan date, i think with all the jitters and all, i was hoping for a singleton.
I’m currently working from home and it would be really hard to take care of twins and work at home at the same time. If we indeed have twins, employing a domestic helper would be an option we have to take, reluctantly. But really, twins or singleton, i just hope the baby would grow up healthy.
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IVF Journey

IVF: Dollars & Cents

The most common question i’ve received on IVF. How much did it cost?
I know some of you have emailed me on this and i have yet to reply cos i can’t remember where i kept the receipt and i just found it so here goes, the detailed ¬†breakdown of the IVF Treatment.

Things to note: 

1) My IVF was done thru National University Hospital (NUH)
I think the price differs slightly among the three government hospitals (KKH, NUH & SGH)
A friend told me NUH charges slightly higher than the other 2 but really not a lot higher, maybe a few hundreds here and there. If you are going the private route (Thomson, Raffles etc), then the charges will be totally different from what i have here cos you’ll not be eligible for the Government Co-Funding.

2) I’m a subsidized patient. If you’re a private patient in any of the three hospitals, the price will be a little bit higher.

3) I’m on a short IVF protocol. I did not take any other injections before starting on my stimulation jabs.
i went from taking Nor-E pills straight to Stimulation jabs.
If you are older or have a small egg reserve, your doctor might put you on a longer protocol. Longer protocol means more drugs, more checkups and higher costings.

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you know¬†it’s still quite hard to believe that i’m pregnant.
Some of my Mother-In-Law’s friends were wishing me Happy Mother’s Day¬†yesterday¬†and hope i ‘sangkut’ with a child soon. They didn’t know yet about the little thing i’m carrying now.

No one has outrightly asked me how it feels like to be infertile and if i could explain it, it would be infertility is invisible.
You don’t lose anything. You don’t have visible scars nor will you die from it. But boy, it hurts.
Hurts so bad when you see numerous negative test results.
Hurts so bad when you see someone who just gave birth few months ago, got pregnant again.
Hurts so bad when everybody is celebrating Mother’s Day and all you have is that aching emptiness in your tummy.

And all you want is a child to hug you and smother you with kisses and tell you that they love you.
I know that emptiness. Too well.

When i found out i’m pregnant, i promised myself i will not complain excessively¬†on the morning sickness, back pains and how i can’t fit into my pants. Neither will i be that annoying mom-to-be, stroking my tummy every minute in front of someone i know who’s dying to be a mom. Yes, while i deserve to be happy and blessed after all i’ve been through, i can’t shake off that feeling of being ‘lonely and hopeless’ away. ¬†That feeling of despair, bitterness & heartbreak.

But i’m human. I might forget. I might accidentally gloat and i apologize in advance.
If you are still trying to conceive, please know i understand how you feel. I really do.

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Race to the end!

My 2ww is coming to an end soon! My blood test is finally tomorrow! 
So far here’s what i had during the 2ww.¬†

1st Р3rd Day after Transfer: 
Cramps and twinges at my abdomen area. I still go out for dinner and to my mum place because of my sister’s merisik session. The next day i went for a jamming session and on monday i went to the recording studio to do the final mix. But i make sure i don’t walk too much. No shopping trips for the 1st week.¬†
Most of the time i rest at home but i don’t lie down all the time. I had really long vivid dreams. Must be all the medications.¬†

4th Р7th day after transfer: 
I start to have heavy discharge. Very creamy lotiony type of discharge. Very little cramps. I also had loose stools. Not exactly diarrhea cos it was a once-a-day-affair but definitely loose stools.
I was starting to wonder if it is even gonna be successful but i kept my hopes high. 

8th Р10th Day after Transfer: 
Cramps started again. Now even more intense. But other than that it’s quite uneventful. I’ve not had any implantation bleeding so far. There was also¬†one night where i had a bad indigestion and could only sleep at 5.00am.¬†

9th Р11th Day after Transfer: 
Craving for oily & grubby food. Got quite bloated and gassy. Kept burping and passing wind. It was quite embarassing actually.¬†But they said bloating & being gassy is normal cos of all the progesterone inserts. Got very tired easily. Sleepy by 9.00pm and in the morning, i’ll have this slight headache which will eventually go away.¬†

Today is my Day 12 of transfer and i hope we get a good beta for tomorrow’s blood test!
So exciting!