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IVF: Do’s & Don’ts

Quick update on my pregnancy! It’s 7th week tomorrow! So fast yet feels so slow.

We had our 1st Ultrasound scan last friday, in my 6th week. Was really nervous on that day.
You don’t know how paranoid i was the entire two weeks from my BFP to my 1st Ultrasound scan.
I didn’t have much symptoms. Got me quite worried and thinking if i’m really pregnant.
Even then, i was scared, what if it was a blighted ovum?

But all went well when we went for the Ultrasound Scan.
We did a trans vaginal scan and it was a bit painful. Doctor said the uterus area is very sensitive right now, which explains why it’s uncomfortable.
When i saw the flicker, i knew it was the heartbeat and i was overwhelmed with happiness.
I have a baby. A baby with a heartbeat. So so relieved.

Yes, we’re expecting a singleton! You know when we 1st did the transfer, i was hoping for twins. That would be really awesome. But nearer to the scan date, i think with all the jitters and all, i was hoping for a singleton.
I’m currently working from home and it would be really hard to take care of twins and work at home at the same time. If we indeed have twins, employing a domestic helper would be an option we have to take, reluctantly. But really, twins or singleton, i just hope the baby would grow up healthy.

And i really feel you just never stop worrying. There is always something to be worried about.
1st trimester you’ll be like “is there still a heartbeat”
2nd trimester “why is the baby not kicking today?!”
3rd trimester “when is the baby coming out?”









Hello you cute & small thing.  Please stay safe and snug in there.

Moving on, because i know some of you will be going thru IVF soon. Here’s what i did and avoided during my IVF Procedure.
Mostly i think it helped me curb the nasty side effects. I had a relatively uneventful IVF 2ww and i feel these helps a lot!

Before starting on IVF: 

  • I started eating clean. Healthy food. More greens and more proteins. I stayed away from glutens.

Stimulation Jab Period: 

These are the things i ate:

  • 3 egg whites in the morning. 3 egg whites at night. It gets really sickening after sometime. But you just have to suck it up and take it. Some people take it raw but i’ll never be able to down it. So i take it half-boiled. U can also eat hard boiled but cooking it reduces the nutrients.
  • I drink Immunocal together with Ribena in the day. Immunocal has one of the highest protein content. It can be found at OG under the vitamin section, at the cashier counter. It is priced at $106.00 for 30 sachets.
  • After a week of my stimulation jabs, i only drink H20. U can also drink 100 plus but’s a carbonated drink and i really don’t need extra gas. So h20 it is. I replaced all my fluids with H20.
  • Red Bean Soup. Apparently it helps with the uterine lining. U’ll need a minimum of 8mm lining to do a transfer. Any lower, they will cancel the cycle cos if your lining is too thin, embryos won’t be able to burrow itself. My line was 11 – 12mm  when i did the transfer.

Protein helps to make your eggs grow and also combat OHSS. H20 will help you with the bloatedness and trust me, you’ll get really bloated from all the jabs and especially after your Egg retrieval.

If you’ve been reading my IVF entries, you’ll know the one thing i fear of is OHSS and because my doctor kept telling me i have a high risk of OHSS, god knows what i’ve been eating to make sure i don’t have it!

OHSS is likely to appear after your Egg Retrieval and if it’s not under control, doctor may cancel that cycle and not proceed with the Egg Transfer cos it could be really harmful to you.

After Egg Retrieval:

I continued drinking H20. Plenty of it. Took 2 egg whites in the morning and at night.
I increased my Immunocal dosage to once in the morning and once at night.

By now, i have already started on my progesterone suppositories. Progesterone slows down your digestive system so there’ll be time you feel indigestion and really really bloated. No joke.

After Egg Transfer (Two Week Wait): 

Now this is where i start going crazy with the things to eat. Hahahaha

I stopped eating the egg whites cos it’s driving me insane. I continued on Immunocal though.

  • Assorted Nuts.
    2 x Brazil Nuts a day. Not too much cos it’s heaty.
    A handful of walnuts & Almonds. I always pack it in a small ziplock and munch on it.
  • Longan Red Date
    I drink this alternate days. I cook them myself cos it’s really easy.
    30 x Red date (get the seedless ones. they’re less heaty)
    15 x dried longans
    a handful of wolf berries
    Dump everything in a pot with 1 litres of water. Let it boil and then simmer for 10 mins under low heat.
    I don’t add sugar cos the dried longans can sweeten it up naturally. You can get all these ingredients at the neighbourhood sinseh. Should cost less than $10.00
  • Chicken Essence.
    I drink this on alternate days as well, just before i go to sleep. On days i don’t drink the Longan Red Date cos it gets really heaty.
  • Fish, chicken whatever white meats. U need all the protein you can get.
  • Durians. I eat one seed a day.

If you really notice, most of the food i ate are really heaty stuff. Which is supposed to be good for the womb cos cold foods are really a no-go. Avoid eating cucumber, kangkong and other cold stuff if you can.

So i make sure i drink plenty of water so i don’t get constipation from all the heaty food!

Apart from that, i wear socks to sleep. Keep myself warm.
I play Surah Maryam every night before i sleep and i will pray and ask Him to trust me & my husband with a child.
Every single night. I will hold my tummy and pray & hope the embryos will stick.

Above all, i kept myself feeling positive right from the start that it would work and Allah will take care of me.
I watched lotsa Drama shows, particularly the funny ones just to lighten up the mood.
Funny thing is, in every single drama i watched, there would be at least one character who got pregnant! Hahaha
Coincidental much?

U know how they say you must go on a total bed rest after IVF? Now that’s something i didn’t really do.
After Egg Retrieval, i was walking all over the wards. Went back home to rest a bit and then i went to my mom’s place for my sister’s merisik.
The next day i went for a jamming session. The next day, i went for a recording session. Hahaha
I really cannot duduk diam one.

But i really feel it’s good to walk around for a bit to keep the blood circulating. After all you do need blood to circulate to the uterus area! I just avoid doing heavy housework duty and carry heavy stuff.

All these may or may not help me with my BFP. I went through IVF with an open mind.
I’ll just do whatever i can to increase the chances. After all, i went thru so much already and waited for so long.
What’s a little more effort, eh?

16 thoughts on “IVF: Do’s & Don’ts”

  1. Thank you Dyan for this entry. Oh and hello there :D! I’ve went through 2 and a half cycle but I still need to do more reading before i embark on ivf again. and congratulation to u and husb :))

    1. Hello you!!
      Thank you for the well wishes! Insha Allah one day. Keep the faith, with His will, it will happen one day 🙂

  2. Hi dear…thanks for all the IVF posting. I like it so much. I did my FET on 30th June in NUH n now in 2WW…the clocks seems doesn’t move. Blood test schedule on 13th Jul…what should I do to pass time? Feeling the cramp on n off and have creamy discharge too…worry everyday….

    1. hello dear! i actually pass time by having a lot of rest and watching lotsa comedies / movies online! i know it’s very agonising ah the 2ww but it’ll soon pass by. Eat healthy ok! Good luck!!

  3. Thanks dear for all your IVF related posting. I learnt a lot from it. I did my FET in NUH on 30th June and now on 2WW. Blood test schedule on 13th Jul…feeling anxious and worried if I will have BFP. What should I do to pass the time?…feeling on and off cramp and have creamy discharge too…

  4. Thanks for this entry Dyan. First of all congrats on your successful cycle. I am now at the start of my 2ww. Can I ask you how many sachets of immunocal did you consume after your embryo transfer?

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