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IVF: Dollars & Cents

The most common question i’ve received on IVF. How much did it cost?
I know some of you have emailed me on this and i have yet to reply cos i can’t remember where i kept the receipt and i just found it so here goes, the detailed  breakdown of the IVF Treatment.

Things to note: 

1) My IVF was done thru National University Hospital (NUH)
I think the price differs slightly among the three government hospitals (KKH, NUH & SGH)
A friend told me NUH charges slightly higher than the other 2 but really not a lot higher, maybe a few hundreds here and there. If you are going the private route (Thomson, Raffles etc), then the charges will be totally different from what i have here cos you’ll not be eligible for the Government Co-Funding.

2) I’m a subsidized patient. If you’re a private patient in any of the three hospitals, the price will be a little bit higher.

3) I’m on a short IVF protocol. I did not take any other injections before starting on my stimulation jabs.
i went from taking Nor-E pills straight to Stimulation jabs.
If you are older or have a small egg reserve, your doctor might put you on a longer protocol. Longer protocol means more drugs, more checkups and higher costings.


Before we start, here’s something you should look at:

Government Co-Funding for ART Treatments: 

You can find out more here.
I fall under the SC-SC Couple. So my Co-Funding is 75% of the total IVF Cost or up to $6300.00, maximum.
Apart from that, i can also pay using my Medisave.
1st Cycle – $6000.00
2nd Cycle -$5000.00
3rd Cycle – $4000.00

So safe to say, $12,300.00 is already set aside to pay for my IVF. If i exceed $12,300.00, the balance has to be paid in Cash. Most of the time, it’s because of the long protocol or because you’re a private patient and according to a friend who’s a private patient at NUH, she had to fork out about $2000.00 extra. Which i think is a decent amount to pay if you rather have the same gynae throughout your IVF Treatment.

LineHere’s my Estimated Bill Size:

Amount includes GST.

  • Stimulation (All the jabs i had. Gonal F, Pergoveris, Cetrotide & Suprefact) for a period of 12 days.
    $3,567. 38
  • ART Monitoring (Ultrasound Scans & Blood Tests)
  • Oocyte Recovery  – Egg Retrieval with General Anesthesia
  • Embryo Replacement – Egg Transfer
  • ICSI – Sperm Collection, Washing & Injecting it into the eggs.
  • Day Surgery: Egg Retrieval (The use of Surgery room and wards)
  • Day Surgery: Egg Transfer (The use of Surgery room and wards)

Total Cost Including GST: $11,135.88
Less Co-Funding:                   $6,300.00
Less Medisave:                        $6,000.00

Total Deposit Payable: ($1,164.12)
So yes, i did not even use up the $12,300 set aside for IVF. In fact, i had a balance $1,164.12 which will be returned to my Medisave account.

So technically, i did not have to pay anything for my IVF. It was heavily sponsored by the Government. Lol

There you have it now, if you’re considering IVF as a subsidised patient, expect to pay nothing for your 1st IVF Cycle. A friend who did her 2nd Cycle as a subsidised patient had to pay less than $500 cash. Still a decent amount.

So, IVF is not as scary as it seems. Just be thankful that Singapore is currently pro-children and we benefit from the heavy IVF Grant. $6300.00 is a lot!

TTC Couples outside Singapore always have to save for a year or more to do their IVF Cycle and certainly can’t afford to do 3 cycles back to back in a year like we do and you know for IVF, time is gold! The earlier u go through it, the higher your success rate is!

27 thoughts on “IVF: Dollars & Cents”

  1. Wah I didn’t realise the govt funding is quite generous. All these time I fiercely tell the husband or whoever’s listening… that the govt should help those who want kids but having difficulty, instead of trying to convince everyone to have kids. Cos I don’t think that their initiatives will make those who doesn’t want kids change their minds.
    Guess I should have checked before complaining hurhurhur.

    1. hahahahaha

      yes i think a lot of people don’t know the Govt is funding 75% of the IVF cost and that’s honestly a lot cos each time i go to US nya IVF Boards and i see them complaining about having to spend $12,000 per cycle out of their own pocket, i can’t help feeling grateful that Singapore is so desperate for us to reproduce. Lol

  2. oooo great info. I just gotten my final bills & receipt from KKH. So if you dun mind, I’ll do a similar entry like urs for KKH’s costing. 🙂

    1. Hello!!!
      i went to polyclinic and ask them for referral. For fertility treatments, they will usually get you to choose KKH or NUH. Once you’re referred, you’re considered as subsidised patient already! 🙂

  3. Hi,what is the time expected for waiting for a subsidized patient? me and wife went the route for SGH,and waited more than 3months. Having second thoughts and thinking of KKH and NUH but dont think we have the stomach to wait another 3 months

    1. Hello!
      I went to Poly for referral on Sat and got an appt for the following tuesday. From there, they did a scan, ordered for blood test. Then they told us to come again on certain dates during my menses to do some blood test to check my hormone levels. From there they were able to determine stuff. It did take a abt ths but only because i had to HSG etc and then a lap surgery but if i didn’t have the blocked tubes, would definitely be faster. NUH was pretty efficient considering i was just a subsidized patient at that time and would totally recommend them

  4. Hi Dyan,

    I wanna ask , must I need refferel letter from poly for private hospital?
    I lived in overseas so getting the same doctor will be easier for me.

    Waiting for your kind reply.

    1. Hello! For private hospital, u don’t need any referral letter.

      U just need to call the hospital O&G Department and get an appointment 🙂

  5. Hi dyan,

    I had to go through a few rounds of the fertility clinic (4 months) and they did scans after scans and still did not want to proceed me for ivf.

    Is it okay for me to straight away go and request then i want ivf.

  6. Very helpful info! Time is ticking for me (38 this year) so maybe I can consider having 1 more baby! My kids are already 13+ & 11 so this will be like the first time all over again! Thanks Dyan!

  7. Hi Dyan,

    Thank you for sharing the info above. What is the difference with being a private and subsidize patient at NUH apart from the difference in cost?

    1. Hello! For subsidised, you might be seeing different gynaes.. But private, you can choose your own gynae. So unless u’re particular abt it, eg; strictly female gynaes, i think subsidised route is fine!

  8. Hi! Came across your post while Googgling for NUH IVF price and so glad that you even break it down. Thank you for that!I had 2 cycles of IUI done there too but both were unsuccessful and i just wanna skip to IVF instead of doing it for a few more times. 😦 Anyways, did you have to make an upfront payment of that $1.6k balance?

    1. Hello! Glad u find it helpful! No i did not have to pay any cash etc in advance. Basically zero cash until the last day where i had my blood test and it was positive, i had to pay for 2 weeks worth of injections. It total to close to $500. And that is no longer under IVF costing since it’s an injection to support my 1st trimester. 😊

  9. Hi Dyan

    Appreciate for your info with great details, i was worried all this while to do IVF due to cost and very minimum info, i will try asap cos im trying to get pregnant for almost 8 yrs, wish me luck..thanks you 🙂

  10. Hi dyan

    Can i check with you 1 and half years ago I did went to poly clinic ask for referral letter to go kkh for fertility check up and my hb n me are healthy , kkh just ask go bk and try, I tot of going nuh for ivf this years,Do I still need to go poly clinic and and ask for referral letter n go nuh for subsidy ivf? What is short ivf mean ?


    1. Hello! Yes you’ll need to go back to Poly & get referral to NUH next. Short protocol is pretty normal for everyone. But this one your doc will determine for you

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