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So we had an advanced Birthday cum belated Mother’s Day treat for the MIL at 21 on Rajah. Been wanting to go there since i read so many reviews from other bloggers.

But i was sorely dissapointed.
The price was reasonable though. So if you are not very choosy about the buffet spread and you just need a place to eat and be merry, then i think 21 on Rajah is perfect. We only spent $197.00 for 5 adults and 1 child lunch buffet. That is close to what we spend for two pax at Carousel.

The good thing was, even though lunch buffet ends at 2.00pm, they allowed us to stay there and chit chat till about 3.00pm. Nobody bat an eyelid. Nobody told us to leave. So that’s a good point!

We told the in-laws of the good news yesterday and everyone was so happy and that made me happy too!
Such a little thing, yet u made so many people happy already!

10301521_10152417204968656_1885226013300320855_nFamily picture! His brother and sister is missing from this picture though!

My Parent-In-Law. Love them like my own.
I’m so lucky to have good in-laws. Never an awkward moment even if you leave me with them alone in the same house.

10300882_10152417204683656_1837067612288286051_nSIL & Qistan.
This boy has grown up so much. So adorable.
Theyย came back from a Melbourne trip recently and was talking animatedly about the tram rides & helicopter ride.

Le hubby & me! Took my jumbo baby out like finally! Need to rotate my bags more often!

I’ve striked off 21 on Rajah off my Makan Places to visit! So many more places to try. Next could be the J’s Restaurant. I’m craving for a seafood paella. If you know of any other places serving seafood paella, let me know!

14 thoughts on “Rajah”

  1. Dyan!! Really..really..?! Masyallah if its true,syukur alhamdulilah girlfriend! Congratulations to you and mister!! Take good care alright. xoxo

  2. Salam dyan.. I came across your blog while going thru kawinkhtonicles.. and stumbled upon the infertility and ivf such however they require password .. I do hope I can read on it.. cos we are also ttc-ing.. thank you much..

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