IVF Journey

The IVF Timeline

For those interested to know how long the IVF process went on for me, here’s the timeline for your reference. I’ve received a couple of emails on this, mainly from our Muslim sisters cos they don’t want their IVF process to clash with the start of Ramadhan. This should only be an estimate ok. If you’re required to take more drugs, then do expect the process to be slightly longer than this. Also, the type of drugs used also differs. If you’re doing it at NUH then most probably you’ll get the same drugs as i do.

24 March 2014:

Start on Noresthisteron (Nor-E) for 14 days.

6 April 2014:
Stop Nor-E Tablets. AF should come within few days.

11 April 2014: 

  • Blood Test & Baseline Scan
  • Start of Self-Jabs Day 1

Gonal-F (Dosage 150iu) – From 11 April 2014 – 14 April 2014
E2 Level: <160
Uterine Lining: 6 mm

15 April 2014:
Start on Cetrotide daily till Egg Retrieval Day
Gonal-F (Dosage 225iu) –  From 15 Apr – 16 Apr 2014

E2 Level: 488
Uterine Lining: 8 mm

17 April 2014:
Start on Pergoveris every morning. To be injected after Cetrotide.
Gonal-F (Dosage 150iu) – From 17 Apr – 18 Apr 2014

Right Ovary: Total 8 Follicles
Sizes: 9.5, 9, 8.5, 7.5 & 7
Left Ovary: Total 4 Follicles
Sizes: 15.5, 11, 9 & 7.5mm

E2 Level: 792
Uterine Lining: 11 mm

19 April 2014:
Pergoveris every morning. To be injected after Cetrotide.
Gonal-F (Dosage 150iu) – From 19 Apr – 20 Apr 2014

Right ovary: Total 9 Follicles
Sizes: 14, 13.5, 13,10.5, 10 & 9.5 mm
Left Ovary: Total 4 Follicles
Sizes: 20, 14.5, 13.5 & 11mm

E2 Level: 2454
Uterine Lining: 14 mm

21 April 2014:
Pergoveris every morning. To be injected after Cetrotide.
Gonal-F (Dosage 150iu) – Last Dosage.
Trigger Shot (Suprefact 50mg) at 12.00 midnight.

Right Ovary: 9 Follicles
Size: 19.5, 17.5, 16.5, 15, 14 & 11.5mm
Left Ovary: 4 Follicles
Size: 25, 21.5, 19 & 16mm

E2 level: 6293
Uterine Lining: 13mm

23 April 2014:
Oocyte Retrieval
Retrieved 6 embryos.  2 fertilized.
You’ll be sedated with General Anesthasia.
You’re required to stay in the ward for few hours till you’re able to pass urine and stand on your own

26 April 2014:
Embryo Transfer
Transfer 2 embryos. 6 cell & 8 Cell
You’ll not be sedated. The transfer is only about 15 mins. You’re required to keep a full bladder and will only stay in the ward between 1-2 hours only.

9 May 2014: 
Blood Test. This is when we got our Big Fat Positive!

7 thoughts on “The IVF Timeline”

  1. Hi Dyan,
    I will be going through the ivf procedure in Aug. Just wanted to check with you when is it necessary for the husband to be around other than the sperm collection time? It’s a bit tricky for me cause the husband needs to be out of SG frequently..

    1. Hello!

      Your husband only need to be around during Egg retrieval day. That is also the time where he have to give his sperm sample. That and also the 1st appointment where paperwork is done

  2. hihi Dyan,
    I really appreciate your effort on your IVF journey blog, I learn a lot of insights from you!
    I have a quick question, is it on the first appointment that you were given Noresthisteron (Nor-E)? Or I am going for my very first appointment soon, don’t know what to expect… thanks…

    1. Hello!

      If i’m not wrong, they’ll calculate your cycle date and then arrange for u to come and collect Nor-E! Does not have to be on the1st appointment.

      1. Thanks girl….
        Do we need to take a lot of leave to go through the treatment?

  3. Hi Dyan,

    Just wondering how do you go about getting the referral from polyclinic? Do you need to see a specific dr at polyclinic?

    Just wanna say a huge thank you for sharing your IVf journey. It’s really insightful and learnt a lot from your post.

    Thanks babe

    1. Hello! Just go to a nearby polyclinic, and tell them u wanna see a doctor to get referral for fertility checkup. They will assign a random doc. Once u meet the doctor, tell doc u want a referral for a fertility check and he’ll ask which hospital h prefer. That’s all! 😊

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