12 weeks

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My mentel little girl is now 3 months old! oh my…
She’s more active now and diaper changing time is more challenging cos she will toss and turn and kick her little legs, with that cheeky smile of hers. 

At 9 weeks, she was showing signs of wanting to flip from her back to her tummy. She do this all the time and get frustrated when she push herself. Her neck is stronger now and she can lift it up herself but she had to work on her shoulder muscles to help her push herself down.

and then yesterday, she did just that! I caught one of her milestone. Boy was i so excited, i made her do it again and again! Hahahaha

But i get worried now, especially at night. Just in case she decides to flip herself during sleep. Oh the horrors!

But the best thing to happen during the last few weeks was Nadya finalllllly sleeping thru’ the night!
It actually started gradually. At 10 weeks, she was stretching her sleeping hours at night to 5 hours.. then 6 hours.

Then at 11 weeks, she stretched it to 7 hours. Few days before turning 12 weeks, she slept for 8 hours and i’m a happy mummy! Right now, she sleeps from 9.30pm and will automatically wake up at 7.00 pm. Just in time for Rusly to wake up for work. So that’s almost 10 hours of sleep!

We have more of less established a routine now and i’m quite happy with it. Surprising cos i’m not exactly a routined person. I do things as & when i like but you know, having kids totally change your life.

Our typical routine for now:

7.00am – Wake up for 1st feed & change diapers. She will then play a bit till she gets tired. This is usually me smothering her with kisses because she smell soooo good!
8.00am: Her 1st naptime. So i take this time to check all my social media acct / play Chef Town (lol) / wash up /
9.30am: By this time she’ll wake up and go all cranky cos she wants her bath now. So it’s bathtime and feeding time. I’ll then let her play / read books / do tummytime till she’s tired.
11.30am: She’s usually tired by now so this would be her 2nd naptime and also the longest one. I usually take this time to laundry / eat breakfast / finish up artworks etc
2.30pm: Her next feeding & diaper change. We’ll play a bit and then i’ll her on her own while i finish up my artworks.
5.00pm: She’ll get cranky by then and it’s time for her next feeding. We’ll cuddle for a bit, change diapers and then she’ll take her 3rd nap. This nap is usually a short one. I usually take this time to cook dinner.
6.30pm: Rusly should be home by now and she’ll also be awake by then. She’ll play with Rusly while i finish up cooking dinner & set the table for dinner.
8.00pm: Wash up time. WIll clean her up, change her diapers and give her a nice massage.
8.30pm: One last tummy time / Play Time / Reading time depending on her mood that day. My mood too!
9.00pm: Her last feeding time.
9.30pm: She’s usually fast asleep by now. Latest by 10.00pm

7.00am (the next day): We do this all over again.

Now that we have a routine and she has started to sleep through the night, it’s easier for me as well.
I try not to be too rigid and insist she takes her nap at certain timing but my girl have a mind of her own. She will more or less keep to her timing and while i’m glad she is sleeping most of the time, i’m also worried if she’s sleeping too much! Lol.

I know this would not last for long cos as she grows up, she’ll play more and sleep lesser so for now, i’m enjoying the routine we have for now.

6 thoughts on “12 weeks”

  1. Love that smile!! How awesome!! Your daughter naps during the day and sleeps through the night! I’m counting down to the day that happens. My son barely naps.. Bareellyyyy..

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