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Loots from the baby fair. Will not be sharing all the nitty gritty stuff i got but rather, the notable purchases i made. Probably because it is something new to me, or because of the substantial savings from buying at the baby fair. I didn’t exactly buy everything i wanted because i heard there’ll be another fair by the same Organizers in July. It’s Ramadhan though so maybe penat gila nak ulang-alik but we shall see lah eh.

So i thought i would spend more if i go to the baby fair alone. But i spent more on sunday because Rusly was around to carry my purchases and also because he gave me the “go-ahead” look all the time. #myhusbandisthebest. HAHAHAHA

Moo Moo Kow Cloth Diapers


I’ve contemplated using cloth diapers even before Nadya was born! I read up a lot of parenting blogs and i think it is more widely used in US than locally. I think our local mamas are still quite apprehensive on using cloth diapers which i totally understand because 1st impression of the cloth diapers would be – too messy / too much work / disposable is easier.

I’m not gonna bullshit my way around and tell you that i chose cloth diaper because it is environmentally friendly. Just because it is the most politically right answer to cloth diapers.

I chose to switch to cloth diapers because in the long run, it is a cheaper alternative and i don’t feel so urrrghhh each time i throw a diaper away. That’s because cloth diapers are adjustable and can be used till they turn 3 or up to 18kg. I was willing to switch only because i’m a work-at-home mum and can spare time to do laundry. Anyway, a friend who’ve started using the diapers gave her vote of confidence cos she told me the laundry load remains the same cos you can just throw it in with your normal baby laundry cos all u have to is to spray the diaper with that water spray thing and then throw it in the washing machine. Same procedure for both pee & poo. Not necessary to soak it overnight etc. I’m already washing nadya’s laundry every two days so i don’t foresee any changes.

I bought the 12 diaper packages at $276.00. One cloth diaper retails for $30.00 and they come with two stay dry inserts.
I personally think it was a good deal cos for $276.00, i got myself all these;

  1. 6 pcs of Aplix Cloth Diapers + 12 pcs of Stay Dry Inserts (worth $180.00)
  2. 6 pcs of Snap Button Cloth Diapers + 12 pcs of Stay Dry Inserts (worth $180.00)
  3. 3 pcs of One Size Microfibre Inserts (Worth $20.00)
  4. 6 pcs additional Stay Dry Inserts (Worth $38.00)
  5. 3 pcs of Hemp Night Time Inserts (worth $30.00)
  6. 3 pcs of Bamboo Diaper Liners (worth $40.00)

The package i got was worth $488.00 but i got it at $276.00 instead. It’s so worth it!
They also have another 12 pcs Diaper package here worth $380.00 if you’re interested.

I will not review the diapers yet because i’m still pre-washing it. Will do a review after a month of using it!

Parklon Bumper Playmats 

I wanted to get bumper playmats for Nadya cos she loves her tummy time and she’s at the stage where she just want to golek2 everywhere! Previously i’ll place her on this foldable mattress for her to lie down / sleep but it is too high for her and i got scared cos she is a “helicopter sleeper”. She’ll be all over the place in no time.

So i was looking around for playmat options so she can lie down / sleep & play safely. Combed through the baby fair and still feel the Parklon ones are better cos it’s not slippery and sufficiently padded.


Initially bought the small sized one at $98.00. Retailing here at $125.00.
When i got back, placed Nadya on it and she golek2 on it again, realised it”ll be too small for her when she’s slightly older. So we got a larger one and then use this playmat when we set up the fenced play area for her when she’s slightly older. Just like this one.


So we went back on Sunday to pre-order the Large sized one.


Chose Winnie The Pooh design cos it is so cute! They were selling the Large Sized one at $207.00 and retailing at $285.00 online.

Toiletries / Bottles / Wet Wipes 


Stocked up all my Mustela toiletries cos they were quite cheap! At least $7.00 – $10.00 cheaper than their retail price. I saw someone grabbing at least 30 – 40 bottles of their Shower Gel. Lol

I did 2 bottle trade-ins for Comotomo. Nadya don’t seem to like the Avent bottles so i traded those in and paid $20.90 for the big bottles instead of $30.90 each. They were also having this Buy 3 Get 1 Free promo so i bought replacement teats cos i’ll be switching to the medium flow ones now that Nadya is 3 months.


Tried the Organic Story wet wipes and i like it enough to buy it in bulks! I didn’t know it was the same thing that my SIL recommended me to get at Qoo10! Lol

I got 1 carton of Eco Floral  (1000pcs) at $28.90. retailing at $38.90 and 1 carton of Eco Forest 33 (700pcs) at $29.90, retailing at $39.90. I also got 1 carton of 48 packs of handy packs at $48.90, retailing at $55.00.

Since we’re at it, this is how i store my backups in Nadya’s room.

Now like i’ve mentioned before not everything is cheaper at the baby fair.
Was interested in getting an Exersaucer and a high chair if the price is right but i find the choices limited for both and more expensive than what i’m willing to pay. Especially the exersaucer cos i think they’ll only use it for 2-3 months tops?
So i’ll be getting those two off Amazon instead. Way way cheaper and i can wait till Nadya is at least 5 months old before i order them, so at least i don’t have to store them in the room.

14 thoughts on “Loots”

    1. i think buying off Amazon is still cheaper leh. I saw one from Evenflo less than US$70 and Free shipping to singapore!
      I saw them renting it out at $54 for 4 weeks. Kalau 2 months dah $100+ then return back. Kalau i just buy, then nanti just sell it off cheap2 also can or pass to you, mana tau shafa nak ada adik. HAHAHAHAAH

  1. hi first time commentor here… but long time reader!

    saw ur entry on cloth diapers. just to share i bought my cloth diapers for around SGD$8 on qoo10 ,,, you may want to try those cloth diapers as extras. ive been using cloth diapers for my baby eversince he outgrew NB size.

    BTW my baby boy is born same date as urs!!!

  2. i know this post is almost 2 years old but i wanna know more about your cloth diapering experience. i’m planning to do cloth diapering when baby turn 3 months but my mother totally reject the idea sei. she say leceh sape nak gi cucikan taik and kencing budak. i’m not keen with disposable diapers sebab nak save duit. trying to balance the leceh factor and duit factor but mother is trying to brainwash me 😖

    1. Nadya is on half cloth & half disposable. If you wash clothes at least 2-3 times a week, get it! But if you don’t then i suggest not to. Actually kalau pee, senang nak wash. Kalau poo nasib2 ah. I somehow know already Nadya’s poo pattern so i always pakai kan diaposable when i know timing dia nak poo. The. After dia dah poo, i kasi dia pakai Cloth Diaper balik. Malam she’s in disposable

      1. isit worth it to get moomookow? or any cepalang brand kat qoo10 works fine as well? i’m eyeing on a charlie banana set but since moomookow local macam nak support la konon haha. and i’ll have to see if they will be having any bundle promo this coming baby fair. the inserts bau tak over time? and how do you wash them since most angmoh mums don’t recommened bleach or softeners?

      2. I’ve not tried the Qoo10 ones but MMK ones are worth investing in! The inserts tak bau langsung seh. I just wash with detergent je. Kalau dia poo, and its massive, i’ll rendam dulu before i wash. But if u put the bamboo liner, the poo kadang tak kena pon kat the inserts!

      3. okie thank you! i’ll definitely consider all this information. i tried very hard to get local reviews that are not sponsored but susah lei. maybe the term cloth diapering je makes people think of it as leceh

      4. hahahah yes! most of the reviews are sponsored! I think there is a local cloth diapering community on FB u try and check ok!

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