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Babies Weekend!

So i was overwhelmed with babies and baby-related stuff the last weekend! Sent Nadya to my mom’s place on Friday, took a cab to Expo for the 1st Day of Baby Fair. Took the chance to drop by Robinson’s Travel Bazaar yang tak lah travel bazaar sangat actually cos they were selling some other stuff as well.

I was on a lookout for bigger luggage which we can use for our future trips. It has to be big, lightweight & of a striking colour so that it’s easier to spot!


Same colour as my Gucci Disco! Got this huge luggage from American Tourister for $119 which was a good deal! Grabbed it and brought it over to the baby fair so i can dump all my purchases in it. I even got myself some WMF pots! No idea where that came from! Lol

1st day of baby fair was quite civil actually. I stocked up on Mustela, bought the 1st Parklon Playmat in Size S but then decided to pre-order another Large size one for Nadya cos it was cheaper than the website and we love the playmat. WIll use the smaller sized one for her play area with fence & balls when she’s slightly bigger. I also pre-ordered the Organic Story Wet Wipes to collect it on Sunday! Bought her swimsuit and took the chance to ask questions on the Moo Moo Kow Cloth Diapers. I was contemplating on switching to cloth diapers cos it’s more environmentally and wallet friendly! So i took the chance to ask lotsa questions.

Then saturday came and we’re off to Farna’s place for our playdate and since we are going to the East side, we took the chance to drop by Eunos to send our fabrics to the tailor for our Baju Raya.


I love the fabrics i bought for this year raya! Soft colours and most importantly, i get to dress Nadya up as well!

We then head over to Farna’s place for lunch and the Meet-The-Babies session! So many babies!!!
Met the girls and yik-yakking about random stuff. It was also a good time for Rusly to see what babies are capable of at their different stages! From 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 11 months and 14 months even!

I kept telling Rusly to savour the moment cos Nadya is still in that “i’m a newborn and all i wanna do is sleep” phase cos once they start crawling and walk, then she’ll keep us busy. I thought seeing all of them at different stages would overwhelm him but he’s now even more excited for Nadya to start hitting all her milestones and learn how to crawl and all cos he said “it’s fun”. Ah ye lah…. Kau kejar2 lah budak tu nanti! Lol

Farna served us yummy Roasted Chicken and while she kept insisting it was bland, it was ok to me!
I was just too hungry.. Kau kasi aku rumput masak lemak pun aku makan.

We had to leave by 6.00pm cos we had to send Nadya back to CCK while we go for a jamming session and then off to Mustafa to stock up on toiletries. That 2 hours date to Mustafa, macam zaman belum ada anak. I get to sit at the front seat, put my hands on his thighs while he drive. Sing-along to the radio.. Ahhhh the little things you’ll miss!

We woke up really early on sunday morning to go over to the baby fair to collect our pre-orders.We also got the bulkier stuff cos i have Rusly to carry them for me. Will update what we managed to get at the baby fair in the next post before this gets took long!

Rushed back to CCK for lunch. My dad cooked up a storm yesterday as a belated birthday celebration my two sisters and my mom. Ordered a cake from Butter Trade. So so yummy! I was so full from yesterday’s lunch, i didn’t even bother having dinner!

9 thoughts on “Babies Weekend!”

  1. You might have gotten the ‘improved’ roasted chicken! After the first batch, Saliheen and I realized we didn’t douse the juices properly on the chicken so must be your nasib dapat the yummy batch 😛

    And omgggaaahhhhh it was so shiok romosing so many babies!!!!! I cannot tahan Shafa’s solalam and Maliq’s cebik!!! And lol at Rusly wanting Nadya to grow up faster, budak tu dah start lari baru dia tau!

    We really must do this again! Before all of them dah suddenly turn into greasy teenagers 😐

    1. yes i think i got the second batch! Cos i remembered it was quite hot when i was eating it! We will do it again! Wait for you to come back from New York. Mana tau ada good news! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Maseh eh.

      1. It was nice meeting all of you! ☺️ Tak regret bawak Maliq out alone for the first time! 😂

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