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Goodbye Raya!

So last weekend marks the end of our Raya celebration for 2016! It has been exhausting! The first two weeks were spent going around relatives houses.

2016-07-16 13.54.242016-07-16 14.04.182016-07-16 14.27.44We wore last year’s baju! Nadya can still fit in her 6-month old dress. It’s a perfect fit!  My baju was ketat though. Malas lah eh nak cakap. Lol.

We hosted some of Nadya’s friends over at our place! It was so fun but honestly so chaotic as well! Hahahaha. So many kids all over the place. mana yang terpekik, yang nangis, yang gaduh. Lol . But kids are kids ah. Janji they’re not in a compromising situation, gasak korang lahhh.

2016-07-15 20.51.30.jpg
2016-07-15 21.30.312016-07-15 23.09.532016-07-15 23.12.332016-07-15 23.13.53

Last Friday was the gathering for the HK girls. It’s our yearly routine. No matter how busy, we’ll meet up for Raya at someone’s house so we can just spend the whole time there instead of moving from one place to another.

12Ma3Mad love for these girls! Can’t believe it’s been 20 years now!

The next day, we went over to Farhana’s place to meet up with the bloggirls and their babies! Ermahgerddddd so many cutie patooties, my ovaries can’t handle it. Hahahaha

2016-07-23 22.50.282016-07-23 22.50.442016-07-23 22.50.522016-07-23 22.51.03

The following day, right after my sister’s wedding, we went to the final Open house invitation at Hosni & Nini’s place with the Terminal Cry family.
And that’s it for this year Raya! All baju kurung dah nak kena ziplock somewhere already!
Said it before and i’m gonna say it again. Raya this year was exhausting but fun. All because of Nadya! ❤


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This is so last year. Tapi nak jugak update cos it’s part of Nadya’s growing up. Barely 1 year old but this girl dah made a few friends and went to several playdates with others.

On Christmas eve, we met up with the bloggirls and their babies.
We went to Kallang Wave Mall to have Cheesesteak which is unexpectedly yummy. I might just go back to KWM for it, even though jauh beribu-ribu batu. Hahaha.

We chose The  Cheesesteak Shop cos it’s seemingly baby-friendly. I didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be quite baby-friendly. Plenty of high chairs, not too crowded and it is situated at the outskirts. So if your baby makes a scene and you need an escape route, just go out and you can roam around at the huge space outside. Trust me, babies will make a scene and you’ll want to hide yourself in between the cheesesteak buns.

How did they all grow so fast! lol.
The last time we met, Danyal was a tiny newborn.

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Emir Danyal

We say Hello to Emir Danyal, the latest addition to the #bloggirls clan.

2015-09-11 16.17.47
So handsome this boy and really nice high nose bridge. Aunty jealous!
When Ezdi first showed us his picture, i couldn’t help seeing lotsa Ezdi in him and then when we visited him, eh.. dah lain!

2015-09-11 15.27.37-1
The #bloggirls. Always always so kecoh.
This time round all our partners were around except for nunu’s so it was extra kecoh as we exchanged stories. i heart these girls. We don’t meet up often but we talk often (and a lot!!!). Yay to finding good friends through the internet.

It’s also so cool how we  are growing together with this friendship and the group keeps growing and we have 3 SG50 babies in the group!

2015-09-11 16.23.51Nadya & Shafa ❤
Shafa so kakak-kakak now, i cannot! How did she grow up this fast seh.

2015-09-11 16.17.38
The other boy in the group, our mini fireman.
So much bigger than the last time we met him! Peha pun makin besar. Kalau gigit pun sodap.

Now looking forward to our next play-date once Ezdi has settled down into mummyhood!

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Babies Weekend!

So i was overwhelmed with babies and baby-related stuff the last weekend! Sent Nadya to my mom’s place on Friday, took a cab to Expo for the 1st Day of Baby Fair. Took the chance to drop by Robinson’s Travel Bazaar yang tak lah travel bazaar sangat actually cos they were selling some other stuff as well.

I was on a lookout for bigger luggage which we can use for our future trips. It has to be big, lightweight & of a striking colour so that it’s easier to spot!


Same colour as my Gucci Disco! Got this huge luggage from American Tourister for $119 which was a good deal! Grabbed it and brought it over to the baby fair so i can dump all my purchases in it. I even got myself some WMF pots! No idea where that came from! Lol

1st day of baby fair was quite civil actually. I stocked up on Mustela, bought the 1st Parklon Playmat in Size S but then decided to pre-order another Large size one for Nadya cos it was cheaper than the website and we love the playmat. WIll use the smaller sized one for her play area with fence & balls when she’s slightly bigger. I also pre-ordered the Organic Story Wet Wipes to collect it on Sunday! Bought her swimsuit and took the chance to ask questions on the Moo Moo Kow Cloth Diapers. I was contemplating on switching to cloth diapers cos it’s more environmentally and wallet friendly! So i took the chance to ask lotsa questions.

Then saturday came and we’re off to Farna’s place for our playdate and since we are going to the East side, we took the chance to drop by Eunos to send our fabrics to the tailor for our Baju Raya.


I love the fabrics i bought for this year raya! Soft colours and most importantly, i get to dress Nadya up as well!

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One Last Wedding

….for 2014 at least.

Met the other girls for Elyn’s wedding yesterday. Initially thought i might not be able to make it cos Rusly might have to do Hospital duties but Alhamdulilah the MIL got discharged on Friday so we just have to head over to Yishun after the wedding at Woodlands, so it was pretty convenient to do a quick trip to the wedding.

The last wedding before i give birth and be deprived of Ayam Masak Merah orang kahwin!
Reached at about 12.30pm, just nice because the groom just arrived with the kompang & his entourage. We were sitting too close to the pelamin though so the kompang was right behind me. Baby had a blast dancing to the rhythm of the kompang.

Us girls with the radiant Bride & Groom. Missing akak Farhana kita!
Us girls with the radiant Bride & Groom. Missing akak Farhana kita!

Managed to meet Baby Shafa again. Kesian dia kena romos2, pipi kena cubit2.. tangan kena squeeze2 by all the kakak-kakak. Such a sweetheart. Each time she smiles, it got us in an excitement. “alahhhh.. tgk tu dia senyum.”
Shafa pun layankan je! Lol.

I had to leave shortly after Elyn left for the Groom’s side because Rusly was waiting for me at the carpark. He wanted to catch up on some sleep, so kesian. That and because he refused to wear long pants because it was such a humid day and i refuse to let anyone wear bermudas to weddings. Hahahaha

IMG_5525One last thing to do before leaving. Photobooth pictures with the girls!
5 girls and a baby.

Who knew blogging brought us girls together, eh?

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Last Kopek

Last kopek of the Raya visiting last weekend! I’m so tired of drinking Air F&N already. Technically not exactly last kopek because we still have a raya show to perform at this Sunday but at least no more visiting lah. Not that i don’t like visiting people it is just so tiring, especially when done back to back.

Last weekend was fun though but also quite tiring. Thank god we didn’t go to that many houses. Just covered all our houses and lepak and makan.

Saturday was with my Secondary school mates. Always a riot with these girls and their partners.


Missing Nini & Hasnirah though!


Over at Sar & Hussin’s new crib.


At Caca & Wan’s place. Our first time there since they moved in last year. Their place is soooo huge! They bought over a 5E Flat at Pasir Ris but i’m so glad i don’t have to clean up that much space. Lol

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lunch & dinner

I had a few lunch & dinner dates last few weeks!
All with different people from different phase of my life.

First up is my Carousel lunch date with Ain & Baby Zafran!
Rina was supposed to come with us but FDR just had to be a spoilsport. Hahahahaha

No 3Yummy food at Carousel as usual. My first time having lunch there. I’m usually having dinner there and the food spread for lunch is not bad! In fact, save for a few dishes here and there, it’s close to the dinner spread.

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blind dates

So last friday, a few of us bloggers met up for dinner. I’ve met some of them previously. Either at Farhana’s wedding or because they were Card Maison’s clients but i love it that we all hit it off so so well!
You know i sometimes get a little scared of meeting a group of girls for the 1st time because you just don’t know what to expect lah. Especially if we all come from different backgrounds. Be it school or employment. It’s really hard to know if there’s gonna be awkward moments.

We talk mostly on weddings, vendors, shitty vendors, shitty brides, shitty makcik2 kepo. hahahahhaa
Marriage, home renovations & pregnancy. We also talked about pusat and makcik sembunyi bawah katil. ahahaha
That was a private joke and you just have to be there to fully understand the joke.
We also watched Farhana’s wedding video!


Not sure if you can recognize all of them but here’s who’s who.

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The Wives Night Out

After lotsa ranting, whine-ing, giggling and sharing over our whatsapp group chat, we’ve decided to level up and arrange for a date.
Since we are all residing at the west side, we decided on Jcube and Manhattan Fish Market it is!

It wasn’t the 1st time meeting up with Rina & Ain because coincidentally, both were previous clients of The Card Maison and you know i just realized that yesterday!


Over a seafood platter, we talked and cracked jokes at really i don’t know what. As ex-btbs, we gushed over Bonito Bob and Elly Weddings pasal zaman kita dorang takde.  Macam lah kita kahwin zaman 80an.
We also gasped at the quotations of some vendors, sambil mengucap dan bersyukur we don’t have to pay for that. Hahahaha

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