Emir Danyal

We say Hello to Emir Danyal, the latest addition to the #bloggirls clan.

2015-09-11 16.17.47
So handsome this boy and really nice high nose bridge. Aunty jealous!
When Ezdi first showed us his picture, i couldn’t help seeing lotsa Ezdi in him and then when we visited him, eh.. dah lain!

2015-09-11 15.27.37-1
The #bloggirls. Always always so kecoh.
This time round all our partners were around except for nunu’s so it was extra kecoh as we exchanged stories. i heart these girls. We don’t meet up often but we talk often (and a lot!!!). Yay to finding good friends through the internet.

It’s also so cool how we  are growing together with this friendship and the group keeps growing and we have 3 SG50 babies in the group!

2015-09-11 16.23.51Nadya & Shafa ❤
Shafa so kakak-kakak now, i cannot! How did she grow up this fast seh.

2015-09-11 16.17.38
The other boy in the group, our mini fireman.
So much bigger than the last time we met him! Peha pun makin besar. Kalau gigit pun sodap.

Now looking forward to our next play-date once Ezdi has settled down into mummyhood!

3 thoughts on “Emir Danyal”

  1. and the photo of Nadya dgn Shafa hilarious lah!! nadya mcm tgh makan benda and Shafa looks scared that Nadya is going to makan her!! AHAHAHAHAHA

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