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Being Happy

And i guess nothing makes me & rusly happier than seeing Nadya happy. And she really had fun last weekend cos we went to the S.E.A Aquarium on saturday.

 We initially wanted to bring her to Gardens by the Bay but the haze was back and I don’t think she would appreciate flowers at this age cos they don’t move? Although the colours would definitely catch her attention. So maybe we’ll wait for the next Tulipmania next year.

I was keen on bringing her to S.E.A Aquarium cos i personally love the marine life. I find it interesting and i know bright colour fishes moving at high speed would definitely catch her attention.

We bought the tickets online (Mastercard 15% off Promo) the night before. Printed the E-Tickets & exchanged for an actual ticket at Guest Services, skipping the Ticket Box, thank god!

We brought along the pram cos we thought it’ll be easier for her to sit and view the fishes but only for a while cos we end up carrying her in our arms so she could take a closer look and try & ‘touch’ the fishes! So yes, don’t bother bringing a pram cos i think they’ll have limited visibility if they sit on the pram.

19Her face when we put her in the pram cos she couldn’t bounce up & down. Lol

Nadya’s favourite aquarium was the one with lotsa neon fishes! So bright & colourful she kept shrieking each time one of them comes near. It was too cute!

One of my personal favourite is the seahorses aquarium. They were so…. elegant. I can only come up with that. The way they were bobbing up & down. So understated.


It was a short excursion out. She slept even before we could exit the place!
We did however managed to get a family photo taken and because it was disgustingly expensive, i told Rusly i’ll get it only if Nadya’s looking at the camera.
And there you go, my big round-eyed girl smiling at the camera, as usual. Of course i have to get it lah!


These were candid shots taken by Rusly and these pictures make me happy. It’s almost like seeing us from his point of view.

and here’s a short video of Nadya talking to her fish-friends!

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Fish language. #NadyaRaessa

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Once the haze is gone, we’ll go and visit the zoo soon!

5 thoughts on “Being Happy”

  1. aww nadyaaaa, suka i tgk muka dia k!

    ok the hotel is called keio plaza hotel. berrry the good, right smack around amenities; especially kalao bawak kids! nanti i will memblog about it!

  2. nah sorry i spam ur comment box hawhawh.

    UNITED AIRLINES 2 adults 1 kid 1 infant total 1.5k


    I also hire a pocket wifi – http://www.globaladvancedcomm.com/

    If you need to get the shuttle bus from airport to the hotel (there are various stops also but i chose the one that stop at my hotel; it cost roughly about 30 bux per adult methinks. of cos train is cheaper but er i dont want to jadi ‘your mother green’ from handling 2 kids and pelbagai perkakas ahwhaw
    purchase is in sg at the kedai in taka tu https://www.jtb.com.sg/tickets/tokyo-disney-resorts/
    we got an open ticket for disney as well as the shuttle so can go anytime. BUT sampai airport u still need to show the ticket u purchased for the bus to CHOPE tempat duduk at the counter at the airport. keluar exit je nampak.

    ||Tokyo Trip|| What To Do & Where To Eat

    Price: ¥4000 for halal BBQ dinner set (not inclusive of 8% tax)

    Address: 3-14-5 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan





    Click to access EN_TDL_map.pdf




    wah i dah macma memblog pat ur comment box eh? hawhawha

    1. Omg!!!! Sayang sangaaaaattttt!
      I will look thru the links one by one! So helpful!

      We found an airbnb 1rm apartment which is 2mins away from JR shinjuku station. We mighttt stay there cos it’s bigger and cheaper! Lol.

      But we’ll look at the hotel u recommended tu!

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