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8 months

2015-09-14 13.29.35

My little Nadya turned 8 months last week.
Pretty interesting and scary actually. First off, the week before she turned 8 months, she fell terribly sick. Her fever was bearable, hovering between 37.5 – 37.8 degrees only so it’s still considered quite mild. But she was having chesty cough and runny nose, it was so kesian to see her like that.

Sleeping was pretty difficult. She’ll wake up few times at night cos she was uncomfortable and was terribly cranky during the day. Upon the bestie’s recommendation, we finally found a good PD at Bukit Timah Plaza, Dorothy’s Baby Clinic.

The PD was so patient and very thorough in her checks and told me it was best to put her on nebulizer cos of the phlegms and all.

2015-09-01 11.40.55

and so we did. For 3 days, 4 times in a day. The phlegm, cough & runny nose did subside after that. So i’m extra careful when we bring her out these days cos of the haze. She caught this from the initial haze i think.

At about 7.5 months, she can finally sit up without support. It was too cute. i swear my husband damn jakun one. Kept looking at her sit still hahahaha.

2015-08-29 17.40.58So yay to her finally being able to sit in high chairs when we go out & eat. Lol

She’s also quite an explorer! I’ll leave her for a while and then she’ll go and explore the house on her own. This was her being cheeky when i called out her name and then she was grinning from ear to ear!

Or sometimes i’ll find her at weird places like these.

and i really think she did major milestones during the last few weeks cos she finally learned how to pull herself up and stand with support.

2015-09-21 10.05.25


But oh boy, it’s tiring! She kept wanting to stand at every opportunity and then will climb all over me when i’m lying down and over things just to reach for something that appeals to her.

All that fortress i’ve build to make sure she don’t touch anything at the TV console. Buang masa je lah k. She’ll climb over it and then support herself at the TV console and bounce herself up & down. U tell me, camna nak marah?

and we have a new problem.

2015-09-16 20.34.41

Teeth! Too many teeth!
She sprouted her 1st two bottom teeth at 4mths. The the top 2 at 6mths. Now at 8 months, she’s got4 fully grown teeth and 4 more halfway up/down.

So yes, 4 on top & 4 at the bottom and why is it a problem?
Cos her gums are itchy and she wanna gnaw everything!! Including my knees. Oh and she’ll bite you if you attempt to put your fingers in. Very garang this one. Lol

But more teeth means she’s more capable of eating on her own now!

I’m beginning to think she prefers feeding herself these days. So i try and incorporate tea times for her where she can try and feed fruits / vege on her own while i try and feed her porridge now & then.

Oh, u might wanna try not to feed the red-flesh dragon fruit to baby.
The poop colour was an ah-mazing shade of red. HAHAHAHA
I got so scared and then remembered she ate dragonfruit. Lol

My mini couch potato.
I swear she has our pemalas genes. Kerja dia asyik nak melepak je.
Dasar anak melayu. Malay genes very strong this one. Lol

2015-09-20 13.57.04

Ok ending this post with this one cos too cute tak boleh tahan! I cannot wait for her hair to grow. She really got boy’s hair now.

Ok just realised i posted so many of her pictures in one blogpost. Now can u imagine how my phone camera roll looks like?



4 thoughts on “8 months”

  1. Mummies need like 123456gb on our phones. Hahaha.. Nadya has so many teeth now! So fast! Juhd has none yet.. Don’t know when they’ll start appearing! And she looks so comfy just lepaking on the pillows!

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