Last Weekend

We went on an impromptu Batam Trip with my sisters & parents. Impromptu cos we planned it on Friday, bought tickets on Friday evening and off we go on Saturday morning.

Without Rusly though cos he had to go for his jamming session so i took it as a day out with my family.

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With my 2 sisters! Do you honestly see similarities? I cannot.

2015-10-10 11.26.52It was Nadya’s 1st Ferry ride and it didn’t occur to me that she might have seasick. That’s because i don’t get seasick, i took it for granted that she might not. Until my sisters mentioned about it and i was like “oh shit! I have not googled on how to avoid seasick for babies!” hahaha

But alas, this girl pun tak seasick. She slept thru the ferry ride after the whole jakun of seeing laut and bigger ferries next to us and all.

2015-10-10 13.36.08Had the usual Nasi Padang meal for the 1st stop of the day. I was so hungry!
I think we polished off most of the dishes.

Distracted Nadya with snacks so i can eat in peace!

On the way to Nagoya Hills, someone approached us for Taxi which we declined and then he asked “Telur Penyu?”


Oh i miss Telur Penyu. I remember craving for it during my pregnancy. Hahahaha. No, this is not the time for you to give me your #savethepenyu speech. Thank you.

Somebody’s enjoying her new ride too much.
Can i just mention how convenient it is now that she can sit up? Hahahaha

2015-10-11 11.42.02
My two maids! Lol
Because Rusly wasn’t around, they had to help me with the diaper bag and my own sling bag! Lol. I honestly can do it myself but selagi boleh bully, kita bully.

We found this small stall selling this rolled ice cream at S$1.00.
Satu dollar, korangs. That’s the price of what? Kita nya Solero?
I let Nadya have a taste of it and she kept asking for more. I created a monster. A sugar-rushed one.

2015-10-11 11.44.44I just had to take a picture of this.
Local manufactured Mamypoko Pants were selling at S$6.00 per pack of 30 pieces. Whuuuut. Sumpah aku jakun.

But i didn’t get it cos i prefer getting the Thailand-manufactured ones, which is available in our local stores. Batam Hypermart is selling it at S$15.50. Locally, they’re selling it at S$21.90. So i grabbed 3 packs at one go. I would have bought more if Rusly was around. Hahahaha.

I also bought loads of Instant Noodles. Indon instant noodles is sedap gila ok.
Even better than the ones we get in local supermarket.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Then on sunday, we dropped by the Baby Fair. I honestly don’t know when we’ll stop going baby fairs! hahahaa

But this time round, we spent lesser and our trip was really a quick one.

Got her a new Car Seat from Cosatto and Safety Gate from Safety 1st.
Also stocked up the wetwipes from Organic Story. I think they’re working out to be just as fine for Nadya. And it’s cheap! Also stocked up on bath products from Bud’s Organics & California Baby. So so much cheaper!

2015-10-11 14.36.03-2Me & matching baby! Denims & Headbands day! 

6 thoughts on “Last Weekend”

  1. I can see korang punya resemblance in the “maid” picture!!! Don’t ask me why, I also don’t know why hahaha

    AND ZOMG TELUR PENYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU T.T Berani sak kau admit kat sini, kalau aku, makan belakang lorong senyap senyap macam drug addict je sebab takut kena ~judge~ 😦

    1. Hahahahaha pasal kita semua ada muka maid indon ke apa. Hahahahaha

      I don’t care lah! I think i know more people who love telur penyu than #savethepenyu activists. Lol

  2. Wah.. you dare to bring Nadya to Batam…!! I’ve been to Batam before, and that too i left Juhd at home. The dust, the travelling, the long hours walking, the lack of baby friendly facilities.. Aiyo… I don’t know how you manage!!

    1. Hahahaha i have to bring nadya everywhere! She doesn’t want to be left alone with anyone else but me. I wasn’t too worried about the dust cos we kept ourselves indoors most of the time and really, i think with the haze in SG, Batam air is so much cleaner! lol

      But the lack of baby facilities, yes! Can u imagine, i can’t even find a decent diaper changing station at Nagoya Hills, i had to change her diaper while she was standing up! LOL

      But we make do lah. ahahhaa

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