#NadyaNomNomNom, Nadya Raessa

8 months: #NadyaNomNomNom

Here’s Nadya choice of food, or rather MY choice of food for Nadya when she was 8 months old.

I eliminated purees and replace it slowly with Oats & Rice Porridge. Initially she was refusing chunkier oats & rice porridge so i gradually change the consistency and i’m so proud that she can now eat rice. Calrose rice / Sushi Rice mainly cos it’s softer and sticky.

She is also better at self-feeding now that she prefer self-feeding all the time!

Mango + Strawberries + Blueberries Oat Porridge
Threadfin Fish + Silken Tofu + Carrot + Spinach Rice Porridge.
First time introducing Tofu to her and no allergies so far!

3Baby Pasta + Cherry Tomatoes + Chicken & Carrots

Silver Fish + Sweet Potato + Baby Spinach

Banana Strawberry Oats Porridge.

Pan-Fried Salmon + Steamed Carrots, Baby spinach & Cherry Tomatoes.
The start of chunkier food for Nadya and surprisingly she ate everything!

Mashed Potato + Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese.
First time introducing Cheese to her and like her Papa, she loves cheese!

Baby Shepherd’s Pie
• Boil potatoes & mash with cheddar cheese.
• Pan-fry minced beef, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach & shallots with extra-virgin coconut oil
• Mix everything. Drop spoonfuls on the same pan. U can drizzle bits of coconut oil.
• serve & steal a bit of baby’s food.

Salmon Sushi Rice Ball & Tofu / Shimeji Mushroom Soup.
* Steam calrose rice & tomato. Mix together.
* Steam salmon & baby spinach. Mix with rice & tomato.
* Shape it into mini balls & serve!
* Soup was made with the homemade vegetable stock. I added in Silken Tofu & Shimeji Mushroom

Sweet Potato + Baby Spinach + Cream Cheese

Homemade Chicken stock
Carrots, Potatoes, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Basil leaves & Lime leaves.
Boil everything together under medium heat for 2 hours and store everything in ice cube trays.


4 thoughts on “8 months: #NadyaNomNomNom”

  1. You are sooo rajin!! I love your food posts cos it gives me inspiration on what to cook for my baby too hehehe

    1. Hello Mona, u can start textured foods bit by bit. Instead of mashing it up totally as puree, leave a bit of chunks. Gradually leave bigger chunks. Their gums are really strong. They can chomp down food even with no teeth. U can also look up Baby Led Weaning to see how babies are capable of eating solids and not purees

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