9 months

Baby Nadya is 9months now. 3 more months to her 1st birthday. Whuttt.

She don’t look as chubby as she did many months ago. Although the chunky thighs look like they’re staying. But i’m guessing the losing weight part is normal cos like my dad says, she needs to be more active now cos she’s learning how to stand & crawl. And this girl is active, alright. I don’t even want to imagine how having boys would be like. Almost want to tell Rusly, let’s just stop at one. Hahaha

2015-10-02 12.05.18
Like trying to check out whether i’m really working.. or Online shopping.

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Or going in & out the exersaucer. That’s not how you use the exersaucer, baby!

2015-10-12 10.54.30Or try and find ways on how to reach for things by going up her Bumbo seat.

2015-10-13 11.45.05Sometimes she plays on her own but most of the time she wants me to layan her and play with her. So mummy gotta drop whatever she’s doing to play with her instead. We’ve installed the safety gate for the kitchen cos she kept crawling in and hide under the kitchen cabinets. 

I was expecting her to crawl more but she love standing up and bouncing up & down instead. She figured out how to move from one place to another by ‘walking” and supporting herself with the sofa and sometimes it’s really scary but i guess i’m the “gasak kau lah” parent while Rusly is the “No…. she’ll fall. Don’t let her do that” kind of parent.

I guess when you’re a stay-at-home mum, you kinda know better what your child is capable of doing and you’re not that scared? I don’t know man. Or maybe it’s just me. I sometimes think i baby her too much but sometimes i think i’m too relaxed with her. I let her do whatever she want to. As long as it’s not dangerous lah.

2015-10-15 15.36.52Somebody can tie hair already lah seh. Chey.. dah kakak2. Lol
And you know last month, she only have 4 teeth? Apparently few days after turning 8months, 4 more is out and now she has 8 teeth! Not kidding you. Baby has toddler teeth, and she’ll bite everything! Especially clothes. And her teeth are conversation starters lah. Nyonya & makciks like to go “eh banyaknya gigi… dah berapa bulan?”

I think right now is quite fun to be around her cos she knows how to play and all but it’s tiring. Man, it’s tirinnnng. But fun lah! I know it’ll be even more tiring as she grows up but that’s ok. I should really cherish all this. She will grow up really fast.

She’s 9 months already. That was fast, man.

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