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Kuala Lumpur, again!

So over the birthday weekend, we went to KL for the third time this year!
Definitely the best KL trip we did so far cos it was just us three so we get to control our pace and also Rusly gave me full reign on the places we go, eat & spend on cos my birthday mah.

We took a flight out with Airasia, but didn’t take the 1st flight out. With a baby, taking the 1st flight out when you’re staying at the other end of Changi, is menempah maut cakap orang-orang tua. Lol

We had breakfast at Coffee Bean and picked up our wireless router from Changi Recommends cos i wanted to stay connected all the time but don’t want to switch SIM Cards. One of the reason why i wanted to stay connected all the time was because we’re waiting for the Yamaha Asian Beats results to be out. Rusly’s band got 2nd place, Alhamdulillah. We were hoping for the 1st Place. Or rather I was hoping for 1st place cos the winner get to perform for the Regional Finals in Japan this December (so i can tag along as well, so we get to go Japan twice. Hahahahaha) but 2nd place is really a big deal for the band considering they only confirmed the final lineup this year and only composed the song few months before the competition. Maybe next time? Maybe GBOB, where the Finals will be held in Germany? LOL. Laki aku takde pape, aku tau yang sibuk.

So i digress.

We stayed in WOLO Hotel this time round. Its a boutique hotel just next to Lot 10 Shopping Centre. Love the location! It’s only 5mins away from Pavillion / Sephora / Uniqlo and 2 mins away from H&M. They have a taxi counter at the doorstep and Berjaya Times Square is about 10mins walk. Love!
There were many other hotels near Pavillion but i don’t want to pay too much for Hotel cos we’ll be out most of the time anyway. So WOLO fits the bill.

Of course a trip to KL is not complete without lots of good food kan! We came back for some of our favourites and tried some new ones. Be prepared to see a whole lot of food pictures and probably not recommended if you’re really hungry!

Shucked Oyster Bar
B.I.G. Supermarket,
Lower Ground Floor, Publika Shopping Mall

We made Shucked Oyster Bar our 1st stop. We wanted something light to fill our tummy before we stuff ourselves silly at the next stop.

We ordered 3 pcs of the Cloudy Bay Oysters (RM$45.00) & 3 pcs of Fine De Claire (RM$45.00) and i personally prefer the latter. It was so fat, juciy and tastes really rich.

Separately we ordered the Ocean Trout (RM$27.00) , took half of it be served as sashimi and the other half, grilled. OMG, so so nice!! Either way it was really nice. If you eat sashimi, order the Ocean Trout!

Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ
Publika Solaris Dutamas, Block D3-G3-3,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9This will always always be our stopover when we’re in KL. We ordered the Warai Set (RM$269.00) which comes with the Wagyu beef. Aaaah melts in your mouth seh. Ok bedek, cos you still gotta kunyah daging k. 

This time, we took our own sweet time grilling our meat to perfection. Sigh. I want some more. We’re such meat people, macam tak cukup.

And then just right after the meal, we dropped by 7-11 to get some drinking water and stuff and Rusly spotted someone and excitedly called me over and pestered me to take picture with that person. But he was on the phone and it’ll be rude for me to interrupt so i left it at that. Pas tu Rusly nampak dia lagik lah, and he die2 want me to take picture with him. Dah kenapa laki aku. Hahahaha

So yes, we chanced upon Zul Ariffin, hero yang senyum senget tu.

17Yes tangan dia patah ke apa tah. I think it was from a jetski accident in Langkawi.

We went back to our hotel room and for dinner was thinking of eating Boat Noodles at Berjaya Times Square but the the queue was too long. Me & Rusly aren’t the kind of people who would queue for something. We rarely do that, so obviously Boat Noodle is a no-go. So we went back to eat nearby the Hotel area instead and chose Mad About Coco since it’s in my list of cafes to try.

Mad About Coco 
Lot 01- 03 (01)& (02) Fahrenheit 88
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mad About Coco was a nice find! Love my Nutella Bomb Milkshake (RM$18.00)  It was so full of Nutella! It’s a Nutella Milkshake and they poked a straw through this Nutella Bun. It was oozing of Nutella!

We shared the Mamee Burger (RM$20.00). We initially ordered the Soft Shell Crab one but they gave us the chicken one. But we didn’t bother to change it. It was ok ok lah. I think the Soft Shell Crab one would be better?

The Pancake Stack (RM$17.00) was thankfully quite small! I was quite full then so it was quite easy to finish it up without feeling very muak.

The Churros Set (RM$16.00) is ok as well. I mean it’s nice but nothing really so sedap lah.

You gotta try the Nutella Bomb Milkshake if you’re going there ok!

Roa by Jovian Mandagie 
16, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur 59100,Malaysia

Not sure if you remember, but our 1st Roa experience wasn’t pleasant. Our reservations got ignored and there were no food left at the counter and we had to wait close to 1 hour just to get food. But the food was nice so i was willing to give it a 2nd chance and it was splendid!

No crowd! In fact we were the only ones there. Until a few patrons came over. Not good for a business to have so many empty tables, but good for us lah. Plenty of food at the counter and service was swift! So glad we gave Roa a 2nd chance. Food here is spicy, spicy & spicy! Especially the Ayam Isi Buluh or something. I have high threshold for spicy food and it’s quite spicy for me seh! But oh so sedap! We spent only RM$60.75 for everything including drinks.

Eat Me Cafe 
23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This was our 2nd time at Eat Me Cafe. Had to come back for the Chempedak Waffles (RM$16.50). Yums.

Rusly tried the Golden Crumb (RM$11.30). It’s Vanilla ice cream with Salted Caramel Sauce & popcorns. Really nice! Another of my favourite here is their Eat Me Ice tea (RM$10.30), it’s a nice blend of Earl Grey Tea, Lavender & Mint. Very refreshing!

Lot 6.11 Sixth Floor, 168,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

For my birthday dinner, i chose Ben’s. Mainly cos we’re too lazy to travel anywhere already. Initially wanted to eat Dolly Dim Sum but nevermind lah, next time!

I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara (RM$31.00) and while it’s nice, i wish they used Linguine / Fettucine instead cos they hold cream sauce better.

Rusly like his Fish & Chips (RM$41.00) but couldn’t finish it cos the portion was quite huge! The Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil (RM$18.00) is tasty too! No room for desserts though!


So that sums up my birthday weekend. Just us three, in one of my favourite city! ❤

10 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur, again!”

  1. I happen to be researching for a place to stay in KL this week, so when I saw tt you stayed in wolo, I was excitedly telling my husband. then I went “NOHHHHH she met zul ariffin!!!” squeal lucky you!!! kesian seh pakai arm sling semua lol.

    anyhoos I hope to check out the oyster place! also, how did u guys get to bangsar from town… cab eh?

    1. hahahahahha so cute! Ah ah kesian seh tangan patah but so funny lah. I don’t really like stalking celebrities! Lol

      Yes we cabbed all the way! You’ll love the oyster bar!

  2. I love KL and their food. Anything and everything under the sun is halal!! Anywho.. I wanted to ask about your in flight experience with Nadya. I’m heading to KL this December but I can’t decide between taking a chartered coach with the family (5hr drive) or a flight. In your opinion.. Which is a better option?

    1. Definitely flight! Esp since by Dec, Juhd will be close to 1, he’ll be so restless in a 5hr coach, unless u take a midnight coach. Else, i think u’ll have a hard time and changing diapers in a coach not very ideal. Lol

    1. Hahahahahahhaa i salivate all the time when i see people like the pictures on FB then i get notifications. No choice kena bukak and tertengok. An dthen get hungrehhhh. Lol

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