Monthly Favourites

October Favourites!

Every month, i’ll try and do up a monthly favourite of things i’ve bought or tried.
Could be anything really! Will kickstart it from this month cos it’s the birthday month and obviously i spent a lot because i’ve been using the ‘birthday gift to myself’ excuse again and again. Lol

I just hope i can keep up with this! Trying very hard to blog about things other than urmmm Nadya? Hahahahaha.

So here’s a list of my favourites for October!

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey. 

For someone who love love love wearing makeup, i’ve jumped a little late on the NARS lipsticks bandwagon. Maybe cos i only buy their highly rated blushers instead?

Got this during the recent KL Trip. Had no intention of getting any lipsticks cos i have tons! I wanted to get another blusher instead but i started trying the lipsticks and love the formula and since i was looking for a red lipstick that won’t make me look like a pornstar, the SA recommended this and it looks really pretty!

It is opaque, just one swipe and the colour payoff is really good. It’s moisturising and looks like it could be satin finish but stays on as semi-matte.

This could be finalllly a red lipstick i can wear comfortably. I’ve tried so many red lipstick but hate them the moment i have them on my lips. I got this at RM$101.00 (S$33.00) but i think it’s about S$44.00 locally. I should have got other colours eh?

NARS Blusher in Taos 

I’ve owned Gilda & Orgasm before this. To be honest, I don’t really fancy Orgasm that much. I bought it way before NARS stepped foot in SG so i bought it online without swatching it. Because Orgasm was the IT Blusher at that time. Cannot go wrong kan? But i find it too pink & sparkly. Made me look like a discoball.
I love Gilda though. It’s a nice shade of muted coral. Although like all NARS blushers, it had to be applied on sparingly. Else u look like a clown.

Taos is a pinkish-coral shade. Slightly sparkly but not as sparkly as Orgasm!
Love that the colour is in between. Not too pink. Yes, i obviously have issues with pink blushers. Lol. Got this at RM$127.00 (S$42.00) but it’s S$50.00 locally.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation

I gotta rave about this treasure! I LOVE THIS!
Now i was a foundation snob. Previously i only buy Foundations from Chanel & YSL only and while they still serve me well, it does not seem to seem to work on me as well now. Post pregnancy, my skin got even oilier than ever and i have problems controlling acne as well. They’re in control now cos i’ve changed my skincare routine.

So i went to search for reviews on good matte foundation and this one came up few times! Love the formula for this one cos while it’ll matte my face, it does not make it look cakey or plasticky. If you get what i mean. It looks natural and while it won’t last the entire day, it lasts longer than my YSL foundation! Love this one! I usually use this with my Beauty Blender so i’m not sure if there’ll be any difference if you use your fingers / brush.

It is not sold in our local drugstores so i had a hard time looking for my perfect shade. I bought three different shades before settling on Natural Beige. It was the perfect shade. Cos the other two shades were too dark / too pink.

You can find this at Carousell / Shopping-District for S$18.00 but you’ll get it cheaper through Drugstore / Amazon etc. However, do take note they have another version for this, which is just called Maybelline Fit Me that’s for Normal to Dry Skin. Don’t buy that if you have oily skin cos you’ll look like kuali berminyak ok.

GHD Rose Gold 1″ Styler


Aaaaah my new love. Gotta be the most favourite item this month!
I’ve been looking around for another hair straightener for quite sometime cos the previous one finally kapooot after 4 long years. Heard of GHD and how it’s the official styling gadget for all Victoria Secrets runway shows and then after watching tons of youtube reviews, i finally decided on one.

Tried finding it locally but there are no local distributors so i head over to the US Site, cart it and use CGW to ship it over. Shipping was a killer though cos it’s quite heavy and came in a big box. Sigh.
It retails for US$225.00 and after currency exchange and shipping, it’s around S$350.00 but so so worth it! It heats up almost instantly and i don’t need to go over and over again to tame my hair. My hair is also silky soft after the whole process. It took me less than 10 minutes to straighten my hair.

It comes in this cool travel pouch with a heat resistant mat attached so it’s easy to bring it for travel. If you have the budget and looking for a good straightener, invest in this! I have a 25% coupon code in case you’re interested. Let me know!

LORAC Unzipped Palette


I love Nude Palettes. I find myself reaching for Nude / Brown Eyeshadows all the time. Very safe! I have Urban Decay Naked Palette and been wanting to try a Lorac one next and love this Unzipped Palette. It is more of a rose-gold-brown kind of palette. Suitable for my skintone.

It’s very pigmented except for the shade Untamed. So i usually just tap tap on that that shade. But i use the rest of the shades all the time. It has a good mix of finish and not too sparkly so it’s good to wear for daytime as well.

I got it for US$42.00 from Amazon. You can also get it from Shopping-District at about S$70.00 so it’s much cheaper getting it from US if you can!

That’s my October Favourites for now. If you notice, most of them are beauty products. That’s because early this month i went on a ‘watch all youtube video review” spree and bought tons of beauty products! I’m currently in the midst of doing up a vanity room. I’ve shifted in all my clothes and bags. I’m left with the beauty products and installing the mirror and lights. Will blog about it once it’s done!

7 thoughts on “October Favourites!”

  1. I love the NARS Audacious lipsticks!!!!! And so pandai pls beli kat KL, much cheaper with the exchange rate. I shall do that next time! Oh, and I thought of buying a blusher from NARS when I went to NYC tau but didn’t like any of their blusher products bila dah nampak depan mata. Especially Orgasm. Meremang bulu tengkuk aku tengok dia punya sparkle sparkle haha!

    I have too many liquid foundations now lol but I’ll keep that Maybelline Fit Me (Matte + Poreless) in mind for when I need to buy a new one (bila tu, hahaha). We are oily face twinnies!

    Also, that GHD hair straighener is to die forrrrr la!!! Cantik gila ke ape the rose gold colour ❤

    1. I didn’t realise it would be that cheap! Tau beli lebih seh! Cos i had no idea it’s $44 a pop in SG! And yes Orgasm is gila sparkle i don’t know why so many love it! Dah macam X’mas tree seh.

  2. Hi kak dyan! I need ur advice. Im planning to go KL in dec. My baby will be 4+mths then. She doesnt like being in a ring sling and its not practical to bring her stroller. Which SSC should i get for her? and where can i get it? coz i see u have tula and lenny lamb. My baby is quite small. And she likes to face the front when carried. Seems like those carriers can only be bought online isit? Best if i can actually let her try before purchasing. Help me pls! I wanna enjoy KL like u did!! 😀

    1. Hey babe,
      For 4mths, i would recommend the Lenny Lamb cos Tula would be too big for her unless u use infant insert and it’ll be too hot to use in KL.

      However, LL cannot front-carry. If you want to front carry (although it’s really not recommended, especially for young infants), i would suggest the Ergo 360.

      For Lenny lambs, there are no physical store though If you stay west area, you can come over my place and try it on if you want!

      1. Thats so kind of u kak dyan! Yes im staying in the west. Will let u know again if i decide to try :))

  3. I also have just jumped on the NARS lipsticks bandwagon last month and i love it. If KL cheaper, next time I go KL I’ll borong more HEHE & I actually bought the same exact shade as you LOL. 🙂
    Anw, your new hair straightener so damn pretty pls! I am looking for one too bcs my Jose Eber one apparently now got the burnt smell when I plug in -_- therefore, thanks for the recommendations! I might buy one for myself. Tak bole tahan the rose gold so pretty!

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