Hello Tokyo!

No we are not in Tokyo. Yet.
We’ll be in Tokyo in less than 3 months now! Yaaaaay.
It’ll be our 1st Winter holiday. Brrrrr. I know Rusly is secretly happy to have a winter holiday on his birthday. My husband seriously got thick skin. Can withstand cold very well. On the other hand, i get cold really easily.

I’m finally done with the 1st stage of planning!

Will be flying via Singapore Airlines and snagged tickets for the 3 of us at $1500, which is a good deal cos that’s what it’ll cost for Budget Airlines if we didn’t book our tickets reallly early. Like at least 10 months early.

We were ding-dong-ing between booking AirBNB or Hotel and finally decided on AirBNB cos we found a decent apartment at a decent price at a good location.


It is a nice size for the 3 of us and most importantly it is quite close to Shinjuku Subway, which is the busiest station on Tokyo. In the world, even. That’s because there’s so many lines running through the station so it’ll be easy for us to go from one place to another. Cos taxis are really cekik darah there. A 10 minutes distance can cost you about $30.00 gitu? So we must take the subways and i’ve been studying the subway lines intensely. Pening ah but do-able?

I’ve already done up the itinerary for this trip and Disneyland is definitely in it.
Other than that, we’ll be heading to Shibuya, Harajuku, Roponggi, Asakusa and Mount Fuji. Would love to go to more places but we’re trying to pace ourselves since ada Nadya, and it’s winter.

I was thinking of getting Winter Clothes in January. Hopefully it’ll be cheaper then. Probably will just get one Down Jacket from Uniqlo here and then buy another one from Uniqlo Japan cos it’ll be cheaper. I’ve already got some HeatTech Tops from Uniqlo cos they were on Sale at $14.90 last week. So i bought few pieces for myself & Rusly. Will also get heat packs for me & Nadya especially. Obviously worried about the cold. Tapi nak pergi winter holiday. Lol.

I think we can survive the city but because we’ll be heading to Mount Fuji area, it’ll be even colder there. Friends who’ve been to Japan mentioned that February is the coldest month in Japan cos Winter is ending soon. So we’ll really need to bundle up but i don’t think i’ll buy too many winter clothes. Just get some basic ones and then buy a few more in Japan. Mana tau ada Sale? Cos they’ll need to get rid of their winter clothes also kan.

I’ll need to get a pair of boots for myself though. Rusly will be wearing his Timberland Boots and even though i’ve got one, i realized the sole is the same as sneakers and it’ll probably be too slippery so maybe i’ll get one of Timberland boots as well.

Was thinking of the pink one! So cute!


I was initially thinking of getting it thru Amazon for US$120.00. Shipping would roughly be S$35 – S$40. it Will be about S$200.00. It’s selling at S$249.00 at our local stores. Not sure if it’s worth the hassle though. Cos i already know what’s my Timberland size. I’m also not sure if i should go and get the classic Wheat Yellow colour instead cos it’s easier to match and it’s a classic.

2015-11-05 16.08.32

I did manage to get Nadya some cute Winter Boots at H&M when we were in KL. SO CUTE!!!! Ada bulu2 lagik seh. And murah gila. Hahahaha. I bought few size bigger cos she’ll have to wear socks and also cos kaki dia cepat gila grow.

Then stuff like gloves & scarfs, i’ll just get it from Taobao. Cheap cheap good good.

What’s left to do now is to decide if we want to take the Narita Express / Limousine Bus from the Airport to Shinjuku. There’s not much difference in cost and journey time. Plus minus je. But luckily our AirBNB host was nice enough to let us check in early at 12.00 noon instead of 3.00pm so kita takyah lah merayau2 macam perantau tak betul.

We’ll need to drop by Takashimaya one of these days to purchase our Disneyland tickets and book the day tour to Mount Fuji from JTB. Mula-mula angan2 nak pergi Lake Kawaguchi on our own to view the Mount Fuji. Tapi laki aku pulak sibuk nak naik Bullet Train segala and seriously aku malas nak pikir how the hell we’re gonna take the Bullet Train from our trip to Lake Kawaguchi. Dengan anak aku lagi. Tak kuasanya aku nak pikir. So yes, day tour sudah. Naik lah bullet train tu. Jangan dia tido sudah. Mengamok aku nanti!

I’ve also listed down all the halal places that we’ll be going to! Best gila part ni.
I search for #halaljapan on Instagram and got a few places i would love to visit and they’re located at the places that we’ll be going. Yay yay!

I have intense love for Sushi & Sashimi and BBQ Meats. So this trip, i will makan sampai aku jelak.

And you know what’s chronic? We’re not even done with Rusly’s birthday trip yet and i’m already surveying ticket flights for MY birthday trip, which is in October 2016, Insha Allah kalau panjang umur. Much to Rusly’s annoyance. Especially since i keep going “Eh New York k. Amacam, New York ok?” hahahahaha.

Member macam nak beli one-way ticket to India untuk aku. Sadded.

21 thoughts on “Hello Tokyo!”

    1. PLEASE DO!!! Do u know si Rusly was reluctant to go cos he kept saying New York tak safe and kalau aku nak pergi, pergi je sorang. Kongajar laki aku. How is it safe if aku pergi sorang. I told him i’ll go with Nadya and dia ckp jgn kidnap anak dia. DRAMA sak laki aku!!

      So please get Saliheen to convince him that it’s generally safe! Laki aku ni banyak sangat tengok wayang ah.

      1. Mangkok! Cakap dengan dia reasoning gitu tak pakai k. NYC is just like any other metropolitan city – just stay alert, keep your belongings close & don’t go into dark small alleys with dubious people loitering around = just use common sense and stick to the usual safety rules la! Tak boleh jadi ni, siap laki kau next time kita jumpa mesti kena lecture 😛

  1. best nya pergi tokyo! I miss that place. distance to NRT to tokyo lama tau, so kalau you naik bus would be better leh tido hehehe and please please go to Gyumon makan halal BBQ sedap gila haha don’t miss out their zara, apparently in japan most of their clothes more cantik dari the ones available in SG..also, jangan beli tokyo banana, there’s pork oil! hokkaido cookies dorg sedap gila!! anyway, enjoy your trip in advance 🙂

    1. I also think the Limousine bus would be a better option cos just agkut bus naik bus and tido je.
      and yes Gyumon is defintely in the list! Tak sabar nak makan!!

      Thank you babe! I didn’t know the Tokyo Banana ada pork oil! lol
      and will definitely look out for the Hokkaido cookies!

      1. and plus you ada baby, so it would be better for her to tido and get comfortable 🙂 so excited for you. I’m going LA via NRT also but no time to spare to go tokyo, so sad!

  2. exciting kan!!! i want mooo yuck too (as per my first kid) but ar tgh pikir 24hrs more flight with screamin boy and my claustrophobic thingaling that i been getting hmm that one can wait but yey tokyo!! hahaha

    1. Moo yuck! Lol.
      Yes the 24hrs flight a bit daunting but if we go October 2016, then we can save on her air tickets! Hahahaha kemut nak mampus.

      1. i have the same thoughts for my kids on that as well. kemut vs sanity lemme check on that again ahahaha

  3. Babe.. you can get nice winter clothes at universal traveller at kaki bukit. It’s their so called warehouse but the layout is like a shop. Got my wool jacket from there for a reasonable price. They have fleece ones too. And gloves, heatpacks and the whole winter works.

  4. I’m looking forward to your posts about traveling to Japan with a kid!! Do also put in snippets about whether certain places are pram friendly and also… Disneyland!!! 😀

    1. One of my gf just went in October and said Japan, esp if you be travelling via subway, is not pram friendly cos too many stairs to climb. So if u really wanna bring a pram, maybe a lightweight one? I know Disney have pram rentals that u can utilise when u’re there. We’re still undecided if we wanna bring a pram!

  5. I bought my timberland boots for my winter hols last year and sad to say it can get quite slippery jgak … u know all the snow melt and the floor always wet kinda of situation .,, u might wanna ask the retailers for a better choice of shoes for winter condition … now it’s dec, so the sale for timberland is reasonable …

    1. Thank you for letting me know!! I’ll definitely ask them for recommendations! I’ll need good shoes cos i’ll be babywearing my baby most of the time and slipping is not a good idea. Lol

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