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The Vanity Room

It is finally ready, guys! Spent last sunday at home so i can officially move in all my stuff in that room instead and then stare and marvel at everything. So here’s the new vanity room. We converted the nursery to the Vanity Room cos Nadya is still sleeping in the same room as us and i think she’ll continue to sleep with us for maybe another 3-4 more years, i don’t know. I don’t want her to sleep alone yet. lol

Also cos she seems to like playing in the living room and it’s more convenient cos i can do work and keep and eye on her.

And when she’s finally ready to sleep alone, she can still use that wardrobe for personal use and i’ll buy an even bigger wardrobe for myself  or we’ll move this wardrobe to our room.We’re still using the current wardrobe to store Rusly going-out clothes, our home clothes and baju kurungs. It looks pretty sad actually. All empty and lonely. Hahahaha.
I swear it looks happier when all my clothes were in there. Rusly own 16384 black T Shirts. U get what i mean. That wardrobe is looking all gloomy. Poor you.

Here’s the wardrobe! When it’s still empty, lonely & sad. 2015-10-22 19.37.53
And here’s the filled up wardrobe. 2015-11-08 19.23.18The top part is still empty cos i’m still undecided if i should store the boxes of the bags in there or fill them up with more bags. Just kidding. Or maybe not. I threw away some of the boxes cos they’re too bulky and i don’t have space and also cos i don’t intend to sell some of the bags i own. I don’t know yet. But hopefully not. But i have a few bags on wishlist but unfortunately i don’t have a bottomless pocket. 😦
I’m sharing this space with Nadya and i’ve also shifted in my makeup and stuff like that so here are the details!

Got a Malm Dressing Table from IKEA (S$149.00)

2015-11-08 19.05.04
I’ve not fixed up the mirror and the lights though. Hope to do it soon.
I’ve destashed some of my cosmetics cos either it has expired or i don’t use them.

2015-11-08 19.03.46I’ve arranged all the stuff i use often in this Muji Acrylic Drawer ($39.00). I’ve had it for years and it’s still holding up really well and the colour is not at all yellowed or anything. Here’s what it can store!

Yes i have too many lipsticks. It’s an addiction. I buy too many of them.

2015-11-08 17.58.18The Malm Chest of 4 Drawer ($149.00) can no longer fit all Nadya’s clothes and barang2. Can u imagine! She has too many clothes, we’ve already given half of it away actually.

I keep mostly all her going-out clothes in the wardrobe and her home clothes in the chest of drawers. I even have a compartment for my jujubes and my carriers.

2015-11-08 17.56.43One of my favourite thing about her space is this accessories tray!
So many headbands! I didn’t even realize we accumulated this many!

And then of course my favourite part of the room is my clothes & bag storage!

I have a space to put in my accessories, although i have not exactly move everything in yet. Then a drawer for all my small sling bags / clutch etc.

I have lots of space to store my bags cos the shelves are quite deep.
As of now, i’m leaving the bags out in the open cos i usually close the windows for this room and the part time maid comes in every week so i’ll get her to wipe off the dust off the wardrobe when she comes. I’ll also make extra effort to clean and condition the bags once in a while and i’ve put in some Thirsty Hippo to eliminate the mold etc.

Next project is to sew mini pillows so i can stuff the bag to keep them in shape. I’m currently stuffing them with their dustbags and some mini pillows.

So what do i think about the Pax System? I love it!
It’s so flexible they have so many accessories and compartments that i can utilise. I initially wanted to get all mirrored doors but Rusly said it might be too overwhelming so we kept it at 1 full mirrored door and leave the other two open. Which is a prettier option in my opinion and also cos this wardrobe is not facing the toilet or anything like that, an open system might work out well for this room.

We spent $1500 on the wardrobe, $65 on delivery and $300 on getting the IKEA guys to install it and i think it’s a reasonable amount to pay. We didn’t go the Contractor route cos i wasn’t looking for a built in wardrobe. I want to have the option of moving the wardrobe to other rooms cos we have one more spare room in the house. You’ll never know when i’ll decide to revamp the house again. I seem to have a habit of shifting things around.

IKEA offers 10 year warranty on their Pax System and my friend been using the Pax system for few years already and it’s still working fine so i guess it’ll work out fine for us! Cos it’s not like i’m gonna put crazy heavy stuff in it. Few bags & clothes won’t harm it.

I also love how u can plan your wardrobe using the Pax Planner. I had fun planning the wardrobe using it cos it was quite user friendly and also cos it will add up the cost of the wardrobe as well. You just have to measure your space, then plan your wardrobe, print it out and bring it to IKEA.

So that’s it! Will update once i’m done with the mirror & lights for the vanity table!

12 thoughts on “The Vanity Room”

  1. I died looking at nadya’s lil dresses hung so neatly. so cute!!! love how you keep your accessories and also nadya’s. my hubs and I wanna have a super neat wardrobe like yours (and in Hollywood movies) when we get our own space. I was thinking of having wardrobe doors but looking at yours, open concept macam best jugak eh.

  2. The baby dresses really got to me! I too bought just drawers for baby clothes and now it’s crammed full as well. I think all mums of baby girls will have this problem heeh

    1. Yes! Mcm nak buy the jumbo in pretty pretty colours. But either i save more $ or sell some of the other bags! Lol.

      Now i cant wait for u to get your pax wardrobe next! A bit sayang my wall tu can only fit in a 175cm wardrobe only. 😂

      1. I tgh saving up to buy a Prada double bag! haha I’m soooo in loveeee with it..but I don’t want to sell my bags yet haha I dah survey2 the pax wardrobe so excited!!

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