Monthly Favourites

October Favourites!

Every month, i’ll try and do up a monthly favourite of things i’ve bought or tried.
Could be anything really! Will kickstart it from this month cos it’s the birthday month and obviously i spent a lot because i’ve been using the ‘birthday gift to myself’ excuse again and again. Lol

I just hope i can keep up with this! Trying very hard to blog about things other than urmmm Nadya? Hahahahaha.

So here’s a list of my favourites for October!

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey. 

For someone who love love love wearing makeup, i’ve jumped a little late on the NARS lipsticks bandwagon. Maybe cos i only buy their highly rated blushers instead?

Got this during the recent KL Trip. Had no intention of getting any lipsticks cos i have tons! I wanted to get another blusher instead but i started trying the lipsticks and love the formula and since i was looking for a red lipstick that won’t make me look like a pornstar, the SA recommended this and it looks really pretty!

It is opaque, just one swipe and the colour payoff is really good. It’s moisturising and looks like it could be satin finish but stays on as semi-matte.

This could be finalllly a red lipstick i can wear comfortably. I’ve tried so many red lipstick but hate them the moment i have them on my lips. I got this at RM$101.00 (S$33.00) but i think it’s about S$44.00 locally. I should have got other colours eh?

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