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This is so last year. Tapi nak jugak update cos it’s part of Nadya’s growing up. Barely 1 year old but this girl dah made a few friends and went to several playdates with others.

On Christmas eve, we met up with the bloggirls and their babies.
We went to Kallang Wave Mall to have Cheesesteak which is unexpectedly yummy. I might just go back to KWM for it, even though jauh beribu-ribu batu. Hahaha.

We chose The  Cheesesteak Shop cos it’s seemingly baby-friendly. I didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be quite baby-friendly. Plenty of high chairs, not too crowded and it is situated at the outskirts. So if your baby makes a scene and you need an escape route, just go out and you can roam around at the huge space outside. Trust me, babies will make a scene and you’ll want to hide yourself in between the cheesesteak buns.

How did they all grow so fast! lol.
The last time we met, Danyal was a tiny newborn.


Obviously really difficult to get a group picture. Not one understand the concept of 1-2-3-Smile. Sighhhh.


Group picture! ❤
To many many more babies! Oh tak eh?


Babywearing mamas alert. We went to Uniqlo and while paying for my purchase, a male staff asked me if we’re all friends and i said yes. He went “Oh that’s so adorable. U guys and the babies in that carrier thing.” hahahaha.

So few days later, Nadya had another playdate! This time a proper playdate where she got to be out of the carrier and play! It was so much fun.

We started with a baby gym session. Nadya is not having any of it. She wanted to get out of my arms and went to the middle instead. Step dia pulak yang ajar class.

Then we did painting. She had lotsa fun with this one and i think she was the messiest one. Loves getting dirty, this one.

We ended the day with a pool session. I think this one was everyone’s favourite! So cute to see them splashing all around.

The last playdate session was with Terminal Cry family. We had a year-end dinner at Aquamarine and finally managed to get everyone to bring their wives & kids along.

2015-12-30 09.38.17

Didn’t realise how big the Terminal Cry family is!

2015-12-29 23.46.22

Too cute!! They can all make their own band someday. Lol


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