11 months

Just 1 day before her 1st birthday. I better pen down her 11 mths milestones before i can’t catch up with everything.

I think the most exciting thing to happen at 11 months, Nadya took her 1st few steps few days after turning 11 mths. Yaaaaaay.
The funny thing was we bought her a pushwalker a day before that, thinking that she can learn how to balance herself etc. End up being a white elephant seh.

2015-12-27 18.34.19

So yeah, sometimes she prefers not to be carried and will arch her back till you let her go. Baaaahhhh. So hard to take pictures now!
Few minutes after we took these candid shots, she fell flat on her face and hurt her lip. So kesian but also padan muka. Hahahaha. Kidding.
Tu lah tak nak dengar cakap mak. I say i carry you, so u just ikut je k next time? :p

Sidetrack a bit, that baju kurung was made for her when she was 6mths old. Now it’s so sendat and pendek. Still so cute though. .

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The Robocop walk. #NadyaRaessa #11mths

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We call this the Robocop Walk because that’s just how it is! Hahaha.
it’s really funny cos she’s still finding her balance but now she’s slightly better and she can walk even faster and when she knows you’re coming after her, she’ll walk even faster! Hahaha confident abis ah this one.

She talks a lot too and sometimes, she’ll repeat after me. When i sing Twinkle Twinkle, she’ll finish up with the ending words like “starrrr.” “areee”
and then today she said Banana. Her favourite fruit evaaah.

She knows how to say Papa as well. Totally ignoring how to say Mummy though. I so sad. Dah lah muka photocopy Papa dia. Then now this.
Life is so unfair.

and you know what? She finaaaaaalllly know how to do that Goodbye wave. I was wondering what took her so long and realized that she’ll never learn cos we don’t say Goodbye to her. She’ll still sleep when Rusly is off to work and she clings on to me like Koala Bear. We go everywhere together. Bila masanya nak bid goodbye? So i tried and wave goodbye to het and she picked that up after few times. So it made me realize again just how much they can absorb and how they’ll emulate us so i’m realllly careful with the things i do or say.

Notice something? God, it’s so embarrassing when she does this, especially in public places. hahaha. Eh mana datang ni perangai tak senonoh ni? Lol

She’s also turning out to be quite the scream-o. Will scream if you don’t give her things she wants / if she can’t reach for the things she wants. I know this is not a testament to how she’ll be when she grows up but i hope she’ll mellow down a bit when she’s older. Else, i’ll have second thoughts about having the 2nd one. Lolololololol.

I’m already scared for her terrible two phase. And she’s not even 1 yet.

I heart this girl a lot. We spend a lot of time together. Yet i miss her when she sleeps. I’m a clingy mother.

Baby is turning 1 tomorrow. Baaaah so fast, i know.
We’re doing a small party for her and i can’t believe i’m saying this but i can’t wait for the partyyyy!

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