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Last Kopek

Last kopek of the Raya visiting last weekend! I’m so tired of drinking Air F&N already. Technically not exactly last kopek because we still have a raya show to perform at this Sunday but at least no more visiting lah. Not that i don’t like visiting people it is just so tiring, especially when done back to back.

Last weekend was fun though but also quite tiring. Thank god we didn’t go to that many houses. Just covered all our houses and lepak and makan.

Saturday was with my Secondary school mates. Always a riot with these girls and their partners.


Missing Nini & Hasnirah though!


Over at Sar & Hussin’s new crib.


At Caca & Wan’s place. Our first time there since they moved in last year. Their place is soooo huge! They bought over a 5E Flat at Pasir Ris but i’m so glad i don’t have to clean up that much space. Lol

With my Sec School mates, two of them have primary-school going kids. Makes me feel so oldddd. With them being mothers themselves, of course most of the topics covered on that day were mainly pregnancy cravings, birth stories and their 1st year of coping as a mom. So enriching and scary at the same time! Lol

The following day, right after our jamming session, Jentayu decided to go ahead with the Raya visiting and off we go to Azmi & Nori’s place to see their new place and Baby Aisha!


We didn’t get to attend their open house the day before because we all had individual plans and visiting the next day means we can stay longer to play with Aisha. Although she was asleep the entire time and all we did was stare at her.


Like this. Lol
Aisha’s cheeks were like fishball! Rusly kept pinching them. My husband is obsessed with that girl.

We managed to finish all our houses and go back by 11.00pm cos everybody is so tired and full from all the eating.

Glad that we managed to cover most of the relative houses this year although i wish we had more time to cover even more houses for both sides.

Till the next Raya, Insha Allah!


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