Pregnancy, Second Trimester

20 Weeks

and we’re halfway through the pregnancy. I think the 2nd trimester is moving really fast as compared to the 1st trimester.
I feel the 1st trimester crawled really slowly, partly because of the fatigue.
My next appointment is this Thursday and this time, i think it’ll just be hearing heartbeats since the detailed scan is due in 2 weeks time.

Many things happened since the last update. I finally felt baby moved at 19 weeks. Although the 1st move was probably triggered by my unhappiness with Starhub. Lol

My baby has a sense of humour. Now all i need you to do the next time i get all worked up, kick me ok. A gentle one will do. Tak mau over sangat.

I’m also getting emotional and it’s amusing how i cry at the slightest things. I mean i do cry when i watch damn sappy movies or when i see FB posts on Gaza and all but i usually don’t cry over something Rusly said in passing. The other day, Rusly was asking me about the dishes i think. Cos i left it in the sink for a while. He just left a comment and i cried. Then last sunday, he couldn’t find his samping and I cried because i felt bloody useless for not being able to find that samping. I looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. Rusly then found it in my office. Why his samping is in my office, i have no idea. No, i don’t think i have a pregnancy brain. #denial

Ni i haven’t cerita pasal i cried over Cempedak Fritters tau. It has become a personal joke among my friends ever since they found out i cried over Cempedak Fritters. What happened was during 1st week Raya, i had this intense craving for Cempedak Fritters and i know one of the places that do sell it is that Teh Tarik Coffee Shop at Haig Road. So after Rusly got back from work, i asked him if he could drive me to Haig Road and off we went from Bukit Panjang to Haig Road to search for Cempedak Fritters. All the way, i keep imagining those damn Cempedak Fritters and when we reached Haig Road, Teh Tarik was closed! Because it’s Raya’s 1st Week. Obviously they would be closed lah kan. Oh, my heart shattered into pieces. Rusly, being the nice husband he is, insist on driving around Geylang area to see if we can get it elsewhere but i was so heartbroken already.

Rusly insists i call my mom while he calls his father to ask where else to head to for Cempedak Fritters and when i asked my mom about the Cempedak Fritters, she went “Alaaaahhhh kesian nya kakak mengidam”
Everybody, cue the waterworksI CRIED.
Because at that time, i felt so guilty for bothering my mom with a silly request. What did i do to deserve such nice parents, i don’t know and then my FIL kept calling Rusly to ask if he found the Cempedak Fritters again. He even called again at midnight to ask “Adik dah belikan Dyan ke belum” and i cried again in my sleep because i felt it was so silly to get everyone worked up over damn Cempedak Fritters.


damn you cempedak goreng. image source

Apart from that, i’ve only been craving for fruits & vegetables. Those crunchy ones. Oh i love salad! Right now, i’m craving for Fruttare Popsicles.


I don’t know why baby wants to eat fruits & vegetables. Healthy living lah sangat. Nanti dia dah keluar, and you see the food your mum & dad actually eats, u confirm geleng kepala.

Another funny thing happened last night. After many years of just being there, mainly for decorative purposes, le boobies finally decides to be functional. I was leaking colostrum and it was so funny how i panicked upon discovering that it’s colostrum and not just some water i accidentally splashed on my Tshirt. It typically appears in the 3rd Trimester but i read some people can get it from 2nd trimester onwards. So yes, I have over-achiever boobies. Errmmmm.. Yay?

I hope it’s a one off thing and it does not leak anymore because Colostrum is liquid gold. Red bull for the baby. So instead of leaking, maybe they just wanna stay put where they belong to?

Now that i’m in my 5th month, i am desperate for a Pre-Natal Massage. I’m not used to sleeping on my sides. I’m a tummy sleeper so sleeping on the sides have caused me back aches because there’s no support for my back. I know Baby Bellies does Pre-Natal Massage so i might just check them out once my gynae gives me clearance for a pre-natal massage.

I am also looking out for this u-shaped pregnancy pillow.



Sedapnya dia tido. Probably will buy it off from Taobao soon! Although i did warn Rusly, it would probably take up half of our bed space and he graciously mentioned he’s ok with sleeping on the floor. Hahahahahaha. But i’m not that cruel ok.

Although it’ll be really nice to have the entire bed to myself. :p

18 thoughts on “20 Weeks”

  1. haha enjoyed reading your pregnancy stories! hope you got them chempedak fritters that night. it already sucks for non-pregnant ppl when the stalls we wanna visit are closed, so can only imagine the intense disappointment you must have felt tt day!

    1. yeah lah i was so dissapointed. Macam nak beli cempedak and goreng sendiri. Tapi malas. Hahaha
      my mom end up buying a whole cempedak and making those fritters for me that weekend though. So yes,i finally got them! Lol

  2. HAHHAHAA OMG DYANNN kat tampines ada sedaps cempedak goreng u know! (i know im not helping, rusly confirm menyumpah pasal tampines is lagi jauh!)

  3. Hahhahaha so cute lah u! Glad that u got tat cempedak goreng. Knoe the feeling when u cant get what u want! :p Take care mummy & baby!

  4. Buy the bantal! Later when u breastfeed, that bantal will save ur back as well. I bought mine at mother care for a whopping $109 but can’t say I’m not putting it to good use. & glad u r doing so well! 😀

    1. yeah i like it that i can use it for breastfeeding as well nanti! Now i cannot wait for it to arrive! Thank you nani! I cannot wait to see how your girl looks like. saw her pipi view already i geram. Lol

  5. At least you don’t have angsty raging hormones. I feel like punching people half the time and the husband has been threatened many times before. Hahahaha..

    I have the half pregnancy pillow from Mothercare.. it doesnt take up as much space but does the job too. But I suggest for you to it out first at Mothercare because if you are a fan of hard and firm pillows like me, you’ll find this pregnancy pillow a bit too soft.

    Massage helps with the backache. Invest in a good pre-natal masseuse! Massage is way better than haegan daaz ice-cream any given day!

    1. Yeah i was surprised that i was not angsty and angry at everybody cos i usually am when my PMS is nearing! lol I know some of my frens cannot stand being around some people because they feel like fighting with them all the time. I just feel like crying. hahaha

      Have u done any pre-natal massage babe? any recommendations? I really can only think of Baby Bellies je

      1. Hahaha.. I suppose different people have different responses to raging hormones. I’m quite privilliged that my mom actually does pre/post natal massage. She’s been doing it for the past 10 years now. So thankful that i’ve got her. =>

      2. U so lucky! Lol
        I wouldn’t mind freelance massage ladies but my husband pun nak massage sekali (the normal massage lah! hahaha) cos we have not been to our regular place since April! lol

        He needs a massage too!

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