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So we finally made our way to Rouse at Dunlop Street on Saturday after all the errands. Been wanting to go there since their launch but i figured it would be best to go once the novelty has worn off, else we’ll be waiting for seats since seats in a hipster cafe are usually pretty limited.

We reached the cafe at about 8.30pm and it was 3/4 full. We managed to get the seat by the door, facing the huge mirror.
Hence the couple-fie.


I’ve heard many good things about Rouse menu. They have limited selection in the menu so if you’re the kind who loves flipping menu, you’ll be sorely dissapointed but i was actually spoilt for choice cos i didn’t know what to choose for mains and we didn’t wanna over-order and be too stuffed and curse at our “perangai tamak tak ingat dunia” on the drive way home. So we told ourself, one main each and an appetiser.

Was so looking forward to try their Shroom Shroom but it was sold out for the day. So dissapointed but that means i have a reason to come back again! So we made do without an appetiser cos the other appetiser they have in the menu is this orange-glazed chicken and while it does sound yummy, i’m in no mood to eat chicken.


I ordered the Beef Wrapped Asparagus for myself since this is probably one of their bestseller and i can totally see why it is. The meat was tender and very well-marinated. I could smell & taste rosemary on it. One of my favourite herb! It also comes with this pumpkin mash on the sides which i kept raving about to Rusly. I love love love the pumpkin mash!
It’s sweet but does not have that “jelak’ taste. Not sure if i was lucky cos the pumpkin they used on that memang sweet ke apa, but it is really so sedap, i’m tempted to make it myself. Padahal it’s just mashed pumpkin tau. Over tau aku.

On the other side, they have this small piece of toast with poached egg on it. Me love poached eggs! Althought i didn’t really eat much of it because you’re not supposed to eat half-cooked eggs when you’re pregnant. Lol

So with all that on my plate, it was not surprising that i was quite full that i passed some of the beefs to Rusly for him to finish up for me.


For him, we ordered the Quinoa Quake.
Admittedly, Rusly wasn’t too fond of the Quinoa Cake cos he likened it to Vadai Dhal.

gram fritters - dal vadaLike this one. Rubbish only my husband.

On the other hand, i LOVE the Quinoa cake that i kept asking it from him. I kept stealing the baby spinach from him too. Told you i’m carrying a healthy freak baby.

The Quinoa Quake came with smoked salmon and poached egg as well. The Quinoa Quake portion is smaller compared to my dish. So if i’m not pregnant, i would have gladly steal the entire plate of Quinoa Quake from him. But alas, i can’t eat Salmon and Poached Eggs and i can’t be eating the Quinoa cake and baby spinach only kan? Tak hipster lah gitu.

We also ordered two cakes to be served later but we were too full from the mains so we packed the cakes home instead.

What i love about Rouse: 
– Good food!!! And good food at hipster cafes are quite rare, to be honest.
– Food came quite fast, service was swift. The staff noticed us the moment we came in and showed us to our seats.
– The staffs are very friendly and i love good service! Love the vibe in the cafe.

What i don’t quite like about Rouse: 
– It’s quite hard to find parking especially on weekend nights! We had to park at Verge and walk to Dunlop Street.
– The seats are uncomfortable. It’ll probably be fine for you but eversince i got pregnant, i can only sit on cushioned chairs. Else i have sore bums. It gets really uncomfortable but i reckon it should be fine for others cos my husband is not complaining.
– The cake that we bought were so-so. At $8.00/slice, it was quite a rip-off. Maybe cos we came late and there weren’t much choices left, we got a slice of Marble Tiramisu & Pandan Cheesecake and i end up not liking both.

We spent close to $70.00 for 2 pax. Includes 2 Mains, 2 Iced Chocolates and 2 Cake Slices. If not for the really yummy mains, i wouldn’t come back but they have really nice Mains and i wanna try the Crabby Patty next. That and Shroom Shroom!

Find out more about Rouse here!

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