Pregnancy, Second Trimester

18 weeks update

So i met Baby again yesterday! The last time i met baby on screen was 6 weeks ago and in pregnancy time, 6 weeks is very long. Lol.

So happy to see baby! It was yawning / had it’s mouth open wide when it first appeared on screen and i can’t help thinking “anak bapak!!” because ever since the pregnancy, i love seeing Rusly get into deep sleep and he always have his mouth open. Lol

Baby was also wiggling it’s fingers and it’s very obvious on screen.

I also managed to know the gender! Gynae was pretty sure of the gender cos Baby had it’s legs wideeeee open for us to see. But Gynae told me we’ll confirm it during the detailed scan in 3 weeks time. So i would probably announce it later when it’s confirmed!

Mummy is putting on weight, like finally! Although i really do think it’s the Raya “Be Merry and Eat Cookies All Day Long” kind of weight but oh well, as long as baby is growing well!

Appetite is slightly better and i’m craving for foods now. Pretty hilarious but that’s another story for another time!

I have yet to feel baby kicks but i have been feeling weird things happening inside. Like bubbles and butterflies just at my navel area. Gynae told me it’s the baby’s movement and soon i should be able to feel it’s kicks as soon as it gets stronger. I just hope i know it’s baby kicking and not cramps or something.

Toilet trips are getting more frequent now. When we did our Raya visiting, i had to do a toilet stop at every houses because i keep wanting to pee. I no longer have morning sickness but occasionally i’ll have migraines that refuse to go away. Trying hard not to self medicate so i just let it be and sleep it off. Also have some milky white discharges but Gynae said it’s normal as long as it’s not yellowish or green.

Can i also mention how fast my nails grow nowadays? I seem to be cutting my nails every single week! My hair is so soft and fluffy these days and i assume it’s all the extra hormones working hard.

But whatever they say about 2nd trimester being the best part of pregnancy, so far it is!For me at least!

I feel so much happier and positive during this period as compared to the 1st trimester where i was so fatigued all-day and refuse to go out to do anything.

I was compiling all my Ultrasound scan pictures earlier and was amazed at how fast baby is growing.

6 Weeks the tiny little being we 1st saw. 

8 Weeks

and then it tripled up in size in 2 weeks.

12 Weeks

1 month later, we could see your limbs.

18 weeks

6 weeks later, all your facial features are there. You can now clench your fist.

Masha Allah

Before we got pregnant, i was pretty inclined to have a girl as my firstborn and then as the pregnancy progress, i couldn’t care less about the gender. All i really want and hope for is a healthy baby.

Girl or Boy, i’ll love you all the same.

Although a lot of friends & relatives guessed it’s a girl. Nobody seems to think it could be a boy.

What do you think? Pink or Blue?

15 thoughts on “18 weeks update”

  1. Ahhhhh so happy for you alhamdulillah! I dunno why but I’m leaning towards #teamblue, but whatever it is, I’m so happy for you and your husband!

  2. Pink! Then she can have your bags one day LOL! Were you at the clinic on 13th? Cause my check-up was on 13th too at 4 plus! I had to wait like two hours, the longest ever. I don’t know if they missed out my name or what but I got my husband to check and only then, it was my turn.

    1. Hahahaha yes!! If it’s a boy, he can have all of Rusly’s Guitar Collection! Lol
      I was at the clinic on 13th but i got an earlier appointment at about 11+ though.

  3. It’s pretty amazing watching the miracle grow before your eyes every other week. I realized.. we may have the same edd. Hahahaha.. Team Blue maybe?

    1. Thanks babe! And been wanting to tell you this, your comment box think something wrong again. LOL

      I tried to post comments on few posts tapi tak dapat lagi.. hur hur.

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