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Last Kopek

Last kopek of the Raya visiting last weekend! I’m so tired of drinking Air F&N already. Technically not exactly last kopek because we still have a raya show to perform at this Sunday but at least no more visiting lah. Not that i don’t like visiting people it is just so tiring, especially when done back to back.

Last weekend was fun though but also quite tiring. Thank god we didn’t go to that many houses. Just covered all our houses and lepak and makan.

Saturday was with my Secondary school mates. Always a riot with these girls and their partners.


Missing Nini & Hasnirah though!


Over at Sar & Hussin’s new crib.


At Caca & Wan’s place. Our first time there since they moved in last year. Their place is soooo huge! They bought over a 5E Flat at Pasir Ris but i’m so glad i don’t have to clean up that much space. Lol

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Charisma D’venue

Just a quick post because i’m up to the neck with work cos something really interesting is happening next week at work. It’s all hush-hush now and i honestly can’t wait for February to be over because i miss browsing blogs and shopping sites. Stealing a few minutes to cramp in a short review, an intro and some news.
If you have not heard, Charisma Bridal have recently launched their restaurant, Charisma D’Venue, this is also where they house their Bridal (at Second Floor).

D'Venue Logo

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The RIA Experience [Pictures + Recording]

It was a nerve-wrecking one. The thought of singing live on national radio and have people comment on you on Ria’s Facebook is kinda overwhelming actually.

But nonetheless, it was definitely a great experience and i can strike off one more thing from my “Things to do before i’m 30” list.

I got my sister to record the whole thing, thank god!
Here’s some pictures and also the recording of the radio interview for those who missed it! 🙂

The Recording of the Radio Interview:



Guess who’ll be on Radio?

Jentayu will be on air tomorrow at Ria 89.7FM from 2pm – 3pm!

Recently, we were invited by DJ Hafeez Glamour who wanted to feature us on his radio show, Opening Act.

Sadly, only half the team is able to make it down tomorrow due to work commitments.

I’ll be going down as well and will be singing a number.
We will also be featuring 2 of our Original Songs (including the song that the boy composed) so do lend us a support and tune in to Ria 89.7FM between 2pm-3pm, will you?

And wish me luck pls? I need lots of it! lol

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His song. His voice.

I mentioned about how he surprised me with a song he composed, on our wedding day. It really came as a surprise to me cos he did not tell me about it at all.

He did play the tunes before this, and i told him i love the tunes but i never though he would actually put the words together (with some helps from Jentayu, of cos!)

The lyrics were simple but oh so meaningful and sweet. Bila dengar and tengok lagik, macam nak nangis lagik. lol

and oh, i cried so much on my wedding, macam budak baru masuk Primary 1 sey.

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The Burkill Hall Wedding

I don’t know if i have mentioned the Burkill Hall Wedding that Jentayu was performing at, 3 weeks ago but Azmi just uploaded some pictures of the event and i thought i’ll share it with you guys.

I was reading Miss H post on the outdoor locations and remembered i have not posted on my Burkill Hall experience.

That place, is awesome. If you have the $ to spend, go ahead and do it, however, i would suggest you do a dinner party for friends etc and not the whole makcik2 geng nya reception. Cos to go to Burkill Hall requires walking. Lots of it.

Lagik parah kalau case dinner reception, malam2 kena jalan daerah hutan, tak menyumpah makcik korang?

Apart from that logistics plays an issue. I know, cos we had to carry up our entire sound system up to the 2nd floor. That includes the Big speakers. Boleh hilang 5 kilo, turun naik tangga.

But other than that, that place is perfect. Since it’s already gorgeous on it’s own, it does not require much deco. Our customer did minimal deco and it looks pretty already.

and here’s a short video, a short compilation of the performance we did. Now yang ni kelakar seram sikit. Our lead singer was down with bad sore throat for that day, kes bebual pun susah, apa lagi nyanyi,  but we of course can’t cancel the client last minute. Discuss nya discuss, me and the keyboardist had to stand in for Halim. They only managed to find my chords on the day itself and some songs, while i know how to hum to, i just forget what comes after. Thank god for the boys!
For years, i’ve been telling the boys i’m too shy to sing in front of a crowd, and just when i’m ready to, i get thrown into this kind of situation. lol

But it was fun though! It wasn’t easy but i think with practise, i surely can get used to it.No more stage-fright, ma!


Some pictures from the event we did on 18.09.2011.



Raya with Jentayu!

We finally get to jalan raya on 24th September! Tu pun slot in last minute. We were busy with Raya Shows and wedding events 2nd and 3rd week of Hari Raya to even go jalan-jalan.

But Alhamdulilah, business has been really good for us this year. 🙂

We started off at 1.00pm and ended at about 9.30pm for me and the boy cos we needed to rush off for the F1 race. (more about that soon!) but the rest ended the Jalan Raya at about 11.30pm.

I didn’t get to take lotsa pictures. Too busy eating.

Here are some pictures i took using my iphone and the group picture taken by my friend.




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Warning: This entry contains food images. 🙂

Last sunday was spent at JB with the Jentayu team.
The married ones wanna go drive over to Simpang Renggam and so we did.

Me and the boy, kes tak tahan panas only survived 15mins there before we retreat back to the car for air-con. Tak beli banyak kuih pun.

After Simpang Renggam, we head over to Giant at dunno where and i stocked up some stuffs for home. Like errr.. canned food. U can never get enough of canned food. haha.

After all that, we finally went over to Angsana as some of them belom beli baju kurung and i was looking for Quran and Sejadah for the dulang trays. We managed to get the Quran and sejadah we wanted so one down and few more to go. lol
We also managed to get a cheap tikar which looks like songket at only RM$19.90.
Didn’t get to get more stuff cos Angsana was really packed on weekends, dapat parking dah cukup bagus.

We head off to Jusco Aeon Bukit Indah to break fast since there’s more variety of food and since it’s further away from the Checkpoint, there’s not much of a crowd there. I love that place!

We had Nandos for Iftar (suka! i wish the Nandos in SG is halal, but there’s always Barcelos.)

and kalau masuk JB and tak makan A&W, rugi yo!
But since we were kinda full from Nando’s we only took the Waffles and Root Beer Float. Coney Dog, you gotta wait for some other time, ok?

We did a little shopping and i managed to get these really sweet hairbands at RM19.90 each at 30% off. Lawa sangat. Sayang tak sempat amik gambar.

Orang2 pandai je camwhore at the end of the day only, bila muka dah berminyak, dah penat. haha. We went in at 10.00am and only got in to Singapore close to midnight. Imagine how tiring it was? While i really love the food there, i don’t think i’ll be those kind of couple yang mesti masok JB every weekend. Penat ley.