Jentayu, Musings of a Bride


Warning: This entry contains food images. 🙂

Last sunday was spent at JB with the Jentayu team.
The married ones wanna go drive over to Simpang Renggam and so we did.

Me and the boy, kes tak tahan panas only survived 15mins there before we retreat back to the car for air-con. Tak beli banyak kuih pun.

After Simpang Renggam, we head over to Giant at dunno where and i stocked up some stuffs for home. Like errr.. canned food. U can never get enough of canned food. haha.

After all that, we finally went over to Angsana as some of them belom beli baju kurung and i was looking for Quran and Sejadah for the dulang trays. We managed to get the Quran and sejadah we wanted so one down and few more to go. lol
We also managed to get a cheap tikar which looks like songket at only RM$19.90.
Didn’t get to get more stuff cos Angsana was really packed on weekends, dapat parking dah cukup bagus.

We head off to Jusco Aeon Bukit Indah to break fast since there’s more variety of food and since it’s further away from the Checkpoint, there’s not much of a crowd there. I love that place!

We had Nandos for Iftar (suka! i wish the Nandos in SG is halal, but there’s always Barcelos.)

and kalau masuk JB and tak makan A&W, rugi yo!
But since we were kinda full from Nando’s we only took the Waffles and Root Beer Float. Coney Dog, you gotta wait for some other time, ok?

We did a little shopping and i managed to get these really sweet hairbands at RM19.90 each at 30% off. Lawa sangat. Sayang tak sempat amik gambar.

Orang2 pandai je camwhore at the end of the day only, bila muka dah berminyak, dah penat. haha. We went in at 10.00am and only got in to Singapore close to midnight. Imagine how tiring it was? While i really love the food there, i don’t think i’ll be those kind of couple yang mesti masok JB every weekend. Penat ley.




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