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going viral

Yesterday i got a notification from WordPress saying my site stats are higher than usual and i was wondering why.

Then yesterday morning, my sister sent me a screenshot of one of my post shared on FB and apparently it is somehow going viral without me realising because i don’t see it on my own FB Newsfeed!
Nampak sangat most of the people in my friendlist dah tua, dah kahwin, and dah tak kisah pasal wedding. Hahaha

The post responsible is: How I Managed The Wedding Budget 

Hello new readers!
Just a point to note, my wedding was in 2011 and that post was written in 2012. So prices may have increased.
So please don’t quote my price when u ask the vendors ok? Cos it would be unfair to them. Heh.

But above all, i hope you take that post with a pinch of salt. What may work for me may not work for you.
I’m never against anyone who throw a big fat wedding in fact i love weddings and i feel if you can afford it, go spend your hard-earned moolah on your Big Day. But i’m against taking loans (bank / personal) for weddings. I feel that it’s irresponsible and that’s what i feel and you don’t have to agree with me. 🙂

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cerita kedai mama

I’m hgoing to be another annoying ex-btb and say “kenapa time aku dulu takde cam ni” walaupun aku kahwin tak sampai dua tahun.

Another great idea by Bonito by Bob!

Mama Shop instead of kids favor bags! That way, the kids can choose their own favors lah kan. Mana tau, some kids tak suka coklat, suka makan gula. Ada kids, tak suka makan, suka mainan. You never know!





It wouldn’t be a proper kedai mama kalau takde all these vintage knick-knacks kan?
i love the dingdang but the last time i bought it, the coklat inside is really setotet-net sey.

Oh and that plastic balloon is da bomb! I use to challenge ngan my siblings balloon sapa paling besar.

I honestly think this is a good idea lah. Time to show these young ones that fun is not all about lugging the ipad & smartphones all over!

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Suka main tiup-tiup?

I was browsing around some wedding blogs (why am i still browsing wedding blogs, i have no idea!) and came across these really cute balloons Save-The-Date Cards.


Basically u just print your wedding details on the balloons and get your guests to inflate the balloons to know the details.

Pretty cool kan? Awesome if you have those fun and colourful wedding themes!

Cool aside, this will not work if you are printing like 500 cards.
The printing on the balloon will cost a bomb. Technically u’re printing twice the amount for your wedding cards so it’ll probably be best you keep this to your dinner reception.

Makcik2 kalau dapat card macam ni, 7 hari 7 malam dia menyumpah korang.
Sesak nafas dia nak tiup belon!

Still on the topic of balloons, we know how balloons always managed to light up the atmosphere and if done correctly, balloons can add a little extra of class to your wedding without making it look like a 3-year old birthday party.

I love the idea of these inverted balloons. Instead of having the ribbons hovering over you, you have the balloons instead, like a chandelier. Pair this with Fairy lights. awesome.

Apparently, the trick to doing this is to just add a marble in the balloon to add the weight!

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Photography + Videography Promo by D’Shootz

Because i’m on a wedding roll or more like cos i’m on half day leave today, and on leave on Monday, so semangat nak kerja macam api setengah padam.

Found another good deal, just in case you do not have D’shootz Studio on FB.

I’ve personally worked with D’Shootz for my company event and they are uber fun to work with.

They are having this bundled promo Video + Photo at $2500.00
which would come up to $1250.00 per item and that my friend, is a good deal. Especially coming from a company that has been in the industry for a few years.

Go add them at Facebook here: D’Shootz Studio Photography

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Photography Promo

If you are still looking around for a photographer, i found a good deal online.

It’s by a Malaysian Photography Team and seriously i tak tau air apa dorang minum kat sana but their photographer there takes really nice pictures!!!

It’s $1500.00 for your Solemnisation + Reception + Indoor + Outdoor and they are also throwing in albums, DVD copies of the photos and enlarged photos.

They have done a couple of Singapore weddings and recently they also covered Iram Hasmie’s wedding, that malaysian actress yang wedding dia gorgeous. Laki bini pun gorgeous.

If you are interested, you can look them up here: Titian Songo Studio

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How I Managed The Wedding Budget

Disclaimer: I know this post is somehow viral now and i really hope you have a good read. 
However, do take note my wedding took place in 2011 and most of the price indicated below is in 2011 ok! Other than that, i hope you have a great takeaway from this entry. 🙂 

Sometimes, i get asked on how much i spend for my wedding. Especially by friends yang dah pasang niat (atau pun dah gatal) nak naik pelamin. lol

and most of the time, i can’t give them an exact amount but i know it was less than $12,000 for our combined wedding.

This is achievable but i believe with much discipline, good contacts and lotsa luck. lol

This may or may not work for some people but then again, i just wanna share on how u can cut cost on your wedding.

Do bear in mind, my wedding was a combined wedding for 800 pax and i started planning for it in less than 9 months cos i got my house in January and have to get married latest by October.

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