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The Poster

This is where i placed the Wedding Guestbook Poster.
I hang it at the Pink Room!

I am so glad i decided to do a poster instead of a book. Cos i could hang it, see it and be reminded of the wonderful time i had on my wedding and the people who came, their best wishes etc.

I snapped this last night because i was feeling emo again. lol
i can’t believe it has been 5 months since our Big Day. cepatnya.
Just what have we been doing for the past 5months sey.

and just 5months into our marriage, i now face the makcik2 problem.
“Nari nak masak apa eh.”


DIY Project, Musings of a Bride

of wedding albums

oh, since i have some pictures on my laptop and some spare time, here’s how my DIY wedding album looks like.

Here are the pictures that i’ve sent to print. After much googling and bertapa kat Clubsnap, i finally printed my gambar2 at Miao Laan Colour Centre at Bukit Batok. So if you are staying nearby there, go get your prints done there. The quality is the same as what the other photographers will give you one.. Not those yang u cuci kat kedai film biasa. I can’t remember what kind of paper they used lah, but definitely not the usually ones the kedai2 film kasi, that will wash out the colours of the photos.

I think i paid $0.30 per piece and i printed about 400++ of pictures in total. but i know i spent less than $150.00 for the pictures ah. I also got my album and refills from them and the total bill came up to $200 gitu aje.

The service was super fast. All the pictures were printed in less than an hour actually and the white border, i requested for it was FOC.

Our image-wrap album that was sent to my office, hence the messy background. haha.

I think i’ve mentioned that i got a great deal for this, one of the offer that Photobook Singapore was having. I got it at $37.60 excluding shipping fees.

In total, i spent less than $50.00 on this including shipping fees and also some extra pages.

I love the quality of the book but i think the colour saturation on this one was a bt more reddish as compared to the pictures i printed with Miao Laan.
The boy can’t tell the difference, but because i deal with printings a lot, i can tell the colours are quite different.

I personally prefer Miao Laan’s colours myself but if you’re not too anal about it, then Photobook Singapore would work out fine for you.

Service wise: The software was quite handy, easy to use but because im used to working with Photoshop, i feel there were some limitations to the system and i would actually prefer to work with Photoshop still but too bad, they only accept artworks done by their system.

The printing and the who she-bangs was really quick though. I got it within a week or so after sending my book to print and this was right after the X’mas holidays, mind you.

So for that $50 odd dollars that i’m paying, i am actually pretty satisfied with the book.


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Pompom flower berbulu.

Ok, title tak ley angkat. I might be slow but i just saw these adorable pompoms and i thought i will share with some of you, who love DIY crafts, just like i do.


Cantik kan? So pretty and fluffy! #ithinkimobsessedwithfluffyflowers.

I think i shall attempt to do this for the home soon.
Maybe in bright colours to pop up the room.

Shall attempt k. Will let you guys know if i did manage to do it but meanwhile, if you think you wanna try it for yourself, you can follow the tutorial here.

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starting the year with a bang.

My last post, i was telling you guys im doing major changes to my hair, right?

My safe, boring hair taken otw to the salon.

After 5 hours, i came out with this:

The last time i had bangs was in 2004. lol
While i am still not used to it, and i still fiddle with it, much to the boy’s annoyance, i kinda like it. But i really am not too sure if the bangs are going to be there to stay cos it’s really high maintenance.

As for my curls, i am super relieved it turns out nicer after 2 weeks cos the curls are much looser and natural now, but still high maintenance. But i super love the volume it give me. i now have big hair. *beams*

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Last thing to do

….before we usher in 2012.



We are doing major changes to our hair. Yes, me and the boy.

I’m doing a digital perm, after having straight hair for sooo long. The last time i did a perm was in 2007 and i’ve had rebonded hair since then.

I’m so nervous. I don’t even know what to expect. It feels like taking my exam results. Yes, im comparing my hair makeover to my exam results. Sangat bimbotic i know. .

2011 was awesome. I got a house and got myself a husband and new set of parents. 🙂

2012 is gonna come in few hours and i would like to wish u guys a blessed new year ahead and may 2012 be even better than before.

Every year i nake the same old resolution.

Lose some weight.

But it never happen.

I’m gonna make sure it happens in 2012 cos the 1st thing i’m gonna do is be disciplined and go for my aerobics classes twice a week. No excuses.

Happy New Year!

Musings of a Bride

I am..

the biggest procastinator ever..

Sorry i left the blog all dusty. It has been a pretty busy month with all the weddings and work has been draining me out as usual.

Life has been pretty good, Alhamdulilah. each time i go back to our love nest, i can’t help being thankful for what we have right now. We don’t lead the perfect life but i daresay, we are happy as we can be and that’s one of the things i ask from Him.

It was our 2mths anniversary yesterday. So fast and yes, i have already got the “dah ada?” question from friends & relatives. lol

Before i forget, Congrats to all the December Brides!
Alliza & Ezdi! I hope you guys had a good time on ya wedding!

Me and the boy have yet to discuss on where we wanna go for our honeymoon yet, he’s busy shifting cos his office just shifted to Changi recently and for me, i am currently considering to leave my current job. But that would mean i wouldn’t be able to take leave that soon. sigh. I’m still considering though.

It’s gonna ba the New Year soon and i don’t know why but i’m pretty excited about it! I hope 2012 will be a blast, just like how 2011 was for me.

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A heartwarming pre-wedding video

Not sure if you guys know of these two TV3 celebrity host. The hubby, Tengku Naharuddin hosts Remaja at TV3 while Michelle (Dalili) is part of the Melodi team. Alaaaaah.. Melodi… yang panas tu. lol

They recently got married and i saw this video of theirs which is so simple yet very heartwarming and it does not comes as a surprise that it’s from CST Productions, one of the top Wedding Videographer in Malaysia. I loveee their wedding videos.

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Planning for the Deco Setup.

Feels like it has been so long since i draft any post here. Busy makcik ni ngan kerja, ngan rumahtangga (eceh!), ngan tengok E! Entertainment lagik, mana nak carik time nak blog. lol

Because i miss wedding-planning (really i do!), i shall write about how i indirectly designed my own pelamin and deco setup with Uncle Jais expertise.

I am so lucky to get Uncle Jais service and i will not ask for anyone else. It was a pleasant and fuss-free experience for me and what i like was his detailness in everything. He stayed throughout the my nikah day, betul kan deco mana yang patut etc and stayed till late night just to make everything perfect. For that, i am really really thankful.

I can just switch off my mind about the deco on Friday night because i know he’ll do a good job for me.

Prior to the whole deco setup, he called me to make me consider his new off-white headboard instead of the old pink headboard that i wanted. I agreed but i told him i would email him on how i want the design to be.

No, i did not create a whole design on it own, tu dah melampau. I just made with what he have and what he can give. (i am not an unreasonable bridezilla ok!)

This was the new off-white headboard he was referring to:

So 2 weeks before the wedding, this is what i emailed him:
(click on picture to enlarge)

I spent less than an hour editting the Pelamin in Photoshop and doing up the whole mockup thing and save for one or two, i really get what i requested.

So my advise to you BTBs, if you find it difficult to express what kind of Deco you want to your vendor, draw it out or better still do a PDF file or Powerpoint file for them. I think they would appreciate it if you point everything out right at the start, to avoid miscommunication. I know, cos i also love it when my clients take the effort to do a ppt slide to let me know what are the changes they need to be done to the card cos it’s clear cut and you make minimal mistake.

It doesn’t require lotsa time nor does it require you to have any design knowledge etc. At least when u submit your requests to them in black & white and let them have a picture of what they need to do, they can let u know asap if your request is feasible or not. If tak boleh, then pepandai lah carik alternative 🙂

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my 28th

So, i celebrated my 28th last 2 days. The colleagues surprised me with pizza and a birthday and to be really honest, i nearly forgot my birthday. Not because i’m turning 28 and i’m in denial. lol

But because planning the wedding actually took up the bulk of my memory space. haha

It was a simple celebration, but sweet nonetheless.

The boy took me out for a movie date on my birthday and it was a much needed one. Dah lama tak tengok wayang! We caught What’s Your Number and i was ogling at Chris Evans the whole time. tsk.

Go watch it! Although the movie is really quite predictable but it had some awesome, original lines.

On rainy deepavali, we were out visiting relatives. That’s all we gonna do at least for another week!