Musings of a Bride, The Husband & Wife

Last thing to do

….before we usher in 2012.



We are doing major changes to our hair. Yes, me and the boy.

I’m doing a digital perm, after having straight hair for sooo long. The last time i did a perm was in 2007 and i’ve had rebonded hair since then.

I’m so nervous. I don’t even know what to expect. It feels like taking my exam results. Yes, im comparing my hair makeover to my exam results. Sangat bimbotic i know. .

2011 was awesome. I got a house and got myself a husband and new set of parents. 🙂

2012 is gonna come in few hours and i would like to wish u guys a blessed new year ahead and may 2012 be even better than before.

Every year i nake the same old resolution.

Lose some weight.

But it never happen.

I’m gonna make sure it happens in 2012 cos the 1st thing i’m gonna do is be disciplined and go for my aerobics classes twice a week. No excuses.

Happy New Year!

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