Musings of a Bride

I am..

the biggest procastinator ever..

Sorry i left the blog all dusty. It has been a pretty busy month with all the weddings and work has been draining me out as usual.

Life has been pretty good, Alhamdulilah. each time i go back to our love nest, i can’t help being thankful for what we have right now. We don’t lead the perfect life but i daresay, we are happy as we can be and that’s one of the things i ask from Him.

It was our 2mths anniversary yesterday. So fast and yes, i have already got the “dah ada?” question from friends & relatives. lol

Before i forget, Congrats to all the December Brides!
Alliza & Ezdi! I hope you guys had a good time on ya wedding!

Me and the boy have yet to discuss on where we wanna go for our honeymoon yet, he’s busy shifting cos his office just shifted to Changi recently and for me, i am currently considering to leave my current job. But that would mean i wouldn’t be able to take leave that soon. sigh. I’m still considering though.

It’s gonna ba the New Year soon and i don’t know why but i’m pretty excited about it! I hope 2012 will be a blast, just like how 2011 was for me.

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