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Planning for the Deco Setup.

Feels like it has been so long since i draft any post here. Busy makcik ni ngan kerja, ngan rumahtangga (eceh!), ngan tengok E! Entertainment lagik, mana nak carik time nak blog. lol

Because i miss wedding-planning (really i do!), i shall write about how i indirectly designed my own pelamin and deco setup with Uncle Jais expertise.

I am so lucky to get Uncle Jais service and i will not ask for anyone else. It was a pleasant and fuss-free experience for me and what i like was his detailness in everything. He stayed throughout the my nikah day, betul kan deco mana yang patut etc and stayed till late night just to make everything perfect. For that, i am really really thankful.

I can just switch off my mind about the deco on Friday night because i know he’ll do a good job for me.

Prior to the whole deco setup, he called me to make me consider his new off-white headboard instead of the old pink headboard that i wanted. I agreed but i told him i would email him on how i want the design to be.

No, i did not create a whole design on it own, tu dah melampau. I just made with what he have and what he can give. (i am not an unreasonable bridezilla ok!)

This was the new off-white headboard he was referring to:

So 2 weeks before the wedding, this is what i emailed him:
(click on picture to enlarge)

I spent less than an hour editting the Pelamin in Photoshop and doing up the whole mockup thing and save for one or two, i really get what i requested.

So my advise to you BTBs, if you find it difficult to express what kind of Deco you want to your vendor, draw it out or better still do a PDF file or Powerpoint file for them. I think they would appreciate it if you point everything out right at the start, to avoid miscommunication. I know, cos i also love it when my clients take the effort to do a ppt slide to let me know what are the changes they need to be done to the card cos it’s clear cut and you make minimal mistake.

It doesn’t require lotsa time nor does it require you to have any design knowledge etc. At least when u submit your requests to them in black & white and let them have a picture of what they need to do, they can let u know asap if your request is feasible or not. If tak boleh, then pepandai lah carik alternative 🙂

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