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of wedding albums

oh, since i have some pictures on my laptop and some spare time, here’s how my DIY wedding album looks like.

Here are the pictures that i’ve sent to print. After much googling and bertapa kat Clubsnap, i finally printed my gambar2 at Miao Laan Colour Centre at Bukit Batok. So if you are staying nearby there, go get your prints done there. The quality is the same as what the other photographers will give you one.. Not those yang u cuci kat kedai film biasa. I can’t remember what kind of paper they used lah, but definitely not the usually ones the kedai2 film kasi, that will wash out the colours of the photos.

I think i paid $0.30 per piece and i printed about 400++ of pictures in total. but i know i spent less than $150.00 for the pictures ah. I also got my album and refills from them and the total bill came up to $200 gitu aje.

The service was super fast. All the pictures were printed in less than an hour actually and the white border, i requested for it was FOC.

Our image-wrap album that was sent to my office, hence the messy background. haha.

I think i’ve mentioned that i got a great deal for this, one of the offer that Photobook Singapore was having. I got it at $37.60 excluding shipping fees.

In total, i spent less than $50.00 on this including shipping fees and also some extra pages.

I love the quality of the book but i think the colour saturation on this one was a bt more reddish as compared to the pictures i printed with Miao Laan.
The boy can’t tell the difference, but because i deal with printings a lot, i can tell the colours are quite different.

I personally prefer Miao Laan’s colours myself but if you’re not too anal about it, then Photobook Singapore would work out fine for you.

Service wise: The software was quite handy, easy to use but because im used to working with Photoshop, i feel there were some limitations to the system and i would actually prefer to work with Photoshop still but too bad, they only accept artworks done by their system.

The printing and the who she-bangs was really quick though. I got it within a week or so after sending my book to print and this was right after the X’mas holidays, mind you.

So for that $50 odd dollars that i’m paying, i am actually pretty satisfied with the book.


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