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Pop it in the oven.

Sejak menjak dah kahwin ni, aku selalu gak lah feeling Nigella Lawson. Balik kerja, takde benda lain nak buat, kalau aku tak masak, aku makan. Tu aje lah.

Muka aku ni pun dah bulat macam pinggan orang kawin. -_-

So, just yesterday, i baked Shepherd’s Pie. Feeling omputih pulak k.
Pasal asyik makan Nasi ngan Mee je.

I love makanan omputih because it is so easy to cook and it doesn’t require much effort nor ingredients honestly. Great for working wives (macam saya).

I don’t know how long i can keep up with the “masak-lepas-balik-kerja” routine cos most of my colleagues cakap memenatkan. So far i find it enjoyable, but that’s because i love cooking. Especially when your husband walks in through the door after work and find you at the kitchen. Itu feeling yang tak tau nak cakap apa. lol

Tapi bila your husband balik rumah and find you sitting on the kitchen floor, chopping chicken, macam nak selubung je muka ngan kain batik. Malu sangat. Macam makcik2. Sungguh tak sexy.

But no, I am not in the pakai-kain-batik or the baju butterfly nya phase. Yet.

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