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going viral

Yesterday i got a notification from WordPress saying my site stats are higher than usual and i was wondering why.

Then yesterday morning, my sister sent me a screenshot of one of my post shared on FB and apparently it is somehow going viral without me realising because i don’t see it on my own FB Newsfeed!
Nampak sangat most of the people in my friendlist dah tua, dah kahwin, and dah tak kisah pasal wedding. Hahaha

The post responsible is: How I Managed The Wedding Budget 

Hello new readers!
Just a point to note, my wedding was in 2011 and that post was written in 2012. So prices may have increased.
So please don’t quote my price when u ask the vendors ok? Cos it would be unfair to them. Heh.

But above all, i hope you take that post with a pinch of salt. What may work for me may not work for you.
I’m never against anyone who throw a big fat wedding in fact i love weddings and i feel if you can afford it, go spend your hard-earned moolah on your Big Day. But i’m against taking loans (bank / personal) for weddings. I feel that it’s irresponsible and that’s what i feel and you don’t have to agree with me. 🙂

10 thoughts on “going viral”

  1. Yes babe, it’s viral! my friend was sharing your post and I was like Wah, he reads DearDyan?! Anyway, great insight, but let’s hope no crazy bridezilla is gonna ‘chase’ Hasemi for $600 photography! (Hahaha punny or not?)

    1. hahahahahha u so punny!

      Anyway i removed the part about photography because there is no way you can get that price anymore seh and i also don’t want to put him in a spot also. Lol

      1. Ya good move. Cos I bet there may be some brides who will try to selit ur blog post in and convince him to give just the same price for their wedding which is YEARS aft yours.

  2. When I saw it being shared at my feeds, I was like eh baru skarang went viral… Haha hopefully ppl who reads will see the date of the post too… So that they wont be expecting that same price…

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