Trying To Conceive


If you go through my posts tagged “Trying To Conceive”, you’ll see most of it are locked up with a password now.

With the recent viral post, i got really uncomfortable with posting too detailed details. But i know a few percentage of my readers are trying to conceive as well in fact some of you started seeing a gynae for fertility check after reading my posts to see if anything is wrong as well and while i don’t think people should be judgemental on people who are trying very hard to conceive, i just can’t help but feel maybe i should let the viral post die down a bit before i start posting freely about TTC.

Meanwhile, if you still wanna read my post on TTC, you can email me at for the password. That’s all you have you to do and i’ll give you the password. It would be even awesome if you have a blog and include your blog link! I would love to read about others TTC journey!

When everything dies down a bit and this blog is not getting so much attention, i’ll blog more openly on my TTC journey.

13,000 new visitor and 19,000 page views over 3 days is a bit too much attention for me. Lol
how the hell did it get all viral i have no idea! Hahahaha

4 thoughts on “protected!”

    1. i don’t mind posting about TTC cos i really wanna share what i went through.
      It was so hard finding a local blog, especially malay women who went through IVF etc.
      Thank you for the well-wishes babe!

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