i have a new crush.

a bag crush.
her name is Cassandre.




I am so in love with her. Maybe because of the quilts. Or partly cos she reminds me of a vintage Chanel Chevron Flap Bag.



But because i’m refraining from another Black & Gold Chain bag, i would love the one in Nude because it looks mighty delicious as well.


Nordstrom has it in Black currently. Have yet to check the local boutique, but this is definitely going to my Bag Wishlist and because i promised the husband i won’t get any more bags till next year, this shall be put on hold till few weeks later. Hahaha.

8 thoughts on “i have a new crush.”

  1. Now that’s a bag that might make me cross the ‘sayang nak spend thousands on a bag’ line and go into ‘sekali sekala apa salahnya’ territory! Haha.. very nice, I like.. think I shall save money to go to Europe first (and that includes the bag shopping money there)! 😉

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