online temptations.

that feeling when u receive so many email notifications on X’Mas Sale for online stores but u are refraining from succumbing to the temptation because you know how awful shipping is during the X’Mas Season.

As much as it is so tempting to buy, shipping is such a bitch during the festive season.

Last year, i ordered $300 worth of clothes (together with my ex-colleagues) through Dorothy Perkins online, shipped from UK to Singapore and it took a whole 2 months before Vpost could detect it and notify me of the shipment. For that 2 whole months, my tracking just could not be detected. My order was stated as shipped on DP’s website but when i tried tracking it, it was unavailable. Imagine my distress for that 2 months. Stuff i ordered that should have reached me by Christmas got held off and i received it closer to Chinese New Year. Selamat bukan Hari Raya!

At the same time, i ordered some clothes from ASOS worth about $100 and used their Free Worldwide Shipping, obviously with no Tracking no, cos it’s free anyway, Ahhhhh bad move. The entire thing just got lost in transition.
i never did get what i ordered and ASOS Customer during festive season wasn’t very helpful at all.

This year, i’m never ordering anything online this festive season unless i can get expedited shipping free or less than USD$20.00 cos i don’t see any point paying more than S$30.00 for shipping alone.

I’m still waiting for my Forever 21 loot from the Black Friday Sale. But at least i know it’s with Vpost now.
I’m not even considering shopping at the mall. The crowd is horrendous. Everybody is out there buying stuff!

2 thoughts on “online temptations.”

  1. Babe,im an ASOS lover! So sad leh to hear your experienced. Did u get a refund? Coz they will definitely resent the item or refund back if no stock tau. I kena twice already but still suka la their stuffs! Happy Ahad! =)

    1. I love ASOS as well but i’ll only order during non peak seasons sgt. They did not resend thorugh cos they said cos the item is w/o track shipping. 😦

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