I’ve been looking for an idea to store my bags and the little knick knacks i have nicely for quite sometime. It all began with the quest for the new wardrobe and then one thing led to another. As usual.

so anyway, i’ve been following this lady on Instagram for quite some time. I LOVE her bags especially all the candy-coloured Hermes.I don’t have a strong urge yet to get a Hermes but i know it is something i would love to have eventually. .

So anyway back to this girl she has one of the nicest ‘playground’ i’ve seen so far. A no-frills basic setup.


U can totally tell that she’s into Chanel & Hermes and look at all her Hermes. They are so colourful!


A close up the shelvings. Did you see the Louboutins? Totally dig them but i can never stand on those. maybe maximum 5 mins.
And those Hermes arm candies *swoons*

Believe it or not, she mentioned the entire wardrobe is done solely by using Ikea Besta shelves.

I’m currently using IKEA Billy Bookcase to store all my bags and other knick-knacks. Maybe next time i’ll go take picture once i’m done doing some changes to it! Excited that the office is slowly turning into a mini walk-in wardrobe for me.

all pictures credit to blondieluxe.

11 thoughts on “playground”

  1. Heyyy i used ikea’s billy for my shoes too! If you check out my ig once upon a time i did upload a pic of the shelves with the shoes hahaha! But is the pendek kind. Nanti da kahwin boleh upgrade to the ceiling-to-floor one for bags + shoes!

  2. Woah she must be insanely rich haha. I just bought my ikea bookshelves… but with limited space, gonna have to arrange them neatly side by side, no space to ‘display’ haha. But I prefer to keep them in their dustbags anyway la

    1. yeah she must be really rich thats why she always censor her face. Takut kena rompak!!
      and she’s always gets invited to Hermes events… Confirm macam VIP seh masuk Hermes.

      She can afford to display all of them cos somebody cleans the shelves off dust every week. I ain’t got time for that! LOL

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