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Minibe for Minime

Ok i’m super rajin today so i’m obviously churning one post after another and also because Nadya is still not awake from her nap yet. So mummy got a bit of free time! Weeeeeee

Ok this post was requested by Rina! My fellow Jujube addict. Hahahaha
We both are enablers! Each time we WA each other about something we intend to buy, the other will go “JUST BUY!!!”. Both of us are not helping each other seh.

So i got myself a Minibe in Hello Perky design. So tiut i cannot. And i’ve been trying to poison Rina to get the Minibe too!

Basically Minibe is a small backpack. Super lightweight but enough space to fit in all of Nadya’s essentials. Now that Nadya is 8months and have started eating, it’s time to do an update on how i pack my diaper bags!

The Minibe in question. Yes it’s a Hello Kitty design. Not your usual bright pink hello kitty design though. Love the dark prints so it’s not too cutesy.

2015-09-10 09.25.31What i can fit in the Minibe. Basically everything i need for a day out!
The Fuel Cell / Two Travelon Pouch & Changing Pad.

Here’s a breakdown of what can fit in the individual pouches.

The Fuel Cell is used to keep the following;

  • 1 x Comotomo Milk Bottle
  • 1 x Milk Canister
  • 1 x Zojirushi Food Jar (to store her porridge)
  • 1 x Zojirushi Thermos
  • 1 x Travel Bottle Detergent

Travelon Pouches are god-sent! It really compresses your stuff so it does not seem bulky and u can pack more efficiently! This is the bigger piece and this is what i fill it up with;

  • Wet Wipes
  • 2 x Diapers
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Travel Water spray

This is the medium piece and i mainly use it to store Nadya’s food stuff

  • Pacifier Wipes
  • Disposable Bibs
  • Teething Biscuits
  • Rice Cracker
  • Heinz Biscuits

So yes i can afford to go out for at least 5-6 hours with the Minibe cos it can fit all the essentials and it is so so light and compact. The right size for my height as well cos akak is only 1.55cm. Lol

2015-09-07 13.02.48If i need to be out longer than that, i use the Be Light cos it can fit even more. Seriously this one like bag doraemon.

2015-09-13 14.23.42-1 But i usually use it when Rusly is around so he can carry it cos when i babywear, macam tak best sgt pakai shoulder bags.

Now thinking of getting the Be Right Back next for Rusly cos it’s a bigger backpack. Would be useful if we need to go out from morning etc.

Or actually i’m just finding an excuse to buy a new bag. Hahahaha

How did i go from being obsessed with designer bags to ermmm diaper bags?

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The Big Bag Theory

I got myself another diaper bag. fml.

I know i have an obsession with bags but never thought i’ll feel the same about diaper bags. During my pregnancy i thought i’ll just need one diaper bag and be contented. I also found diaper bags to be boring. But i got sucked into a whole new world and now i’m obsessed.

My 1st Diaper bag is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy BackPack which looks like this.
It’s costly & bulky. But you know it is of a good quality. I love this bag but it’s heavy and bulky on it’s own so i only use this if we are going out with Rusly cos that means i can bring the stroller out and don’t need to lug this all around on my own.

My 2nd diaper bag is a free gift from getting the Babyzen Yoyo Stroller. At first i thought it was too big but after few uses, i started to like it more than my 1st diaper bag! It was lightweight and very spacious. Perfect if we are out for the whole day and also if we need to leave Nadya at my mom’s place cos i can put in lotsa stuff in there. But again, not practical to bring such a big bag when i go out alone with Nadya. Especially if i babywear.

So i started searching for a lightweight bag that will fit Nadya’s necessities and small enough for me to carry when i baywear her and bring her out alone. That’s where the new bag comes in. It fits all my criteria perfectly that i’m tempted to go get another design!

2015-03-26 14.06.19

Got myself the Jujube Hobobe Legacy Collection. I couldn’t decide which print i like the most but finally settled on The Admiral. Bought it from Maternity Exchange and it was the last piece for this model! Phewww

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Another Bag-Chat

A friend shared this on Facebook and i find it quite interesting and true to a certain extent! Lol

How You’re Perceived Wearing These 12 Designer Brands

I think the article is only relevant for people who put thoughts in the bags they buy and the brands they want to carry. As i grow older, i realized i steer away from prints & monograms and go for clean, subtle designs & colours. I don’t have an indispensable income that allows me to buy a bag i love in every single colour so i tend to be quite safe & reserved in my bag choices.

I also feel that personal style should not be restricted to the bags u carry. I would wear a non-branded bag if it matches my OOTD for that day rather than wear clashing colours or prints.

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yummy weekend

Most of my saturday was spent idling away and then late night, we kidnapped the mom-in-law for supper at Evans Rd and then Durians at Geylang!


I’ve realized i can no longer gorge myself with durians like i used to.
I usually can finish up 2-3 whole durians by myself. I have immense love for that fruit.
Now, i’m done with half a durian before it gets too heaty.

We started off our Sunday with Zafran’s Baby Shower at Choa Chu Kang.


Pretty obvious what’s my favourite jemputan food. Haha
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money ain’t buying you class

What Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian for X’mas.

I don’t care if it’s a customised Birkin, which probably set him back more than $25,000.
But that picture is just so…. trashy.

No other words to say it.

If i ever receive it, i’ll probably just put it up as a display of art at my wardrobe and not bring it out.
Cos it’s just too vulgar. Lol

Kim K

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Year End Clean

There’s something i do each year-end.

Spring cleaning. De-cluttering. To welcome the brand new year.
I started with the Bag section this week. Most of the bags i no longer use, i either throw or re-home them, depending on their value.
Then i realised i had some leftover scrapbook papers and decided to wallpaper the entire bookcase.
i’m still wallpapering them and i hope to finish it by next week!


Next would be my makeup section! I need to throw out lipsticks that has been around for more than 8 months and then rearrange everything else because i just realised the makeup section is overflowing.

After that would be the nails section and then the accessories section.
Very ambitious i know.

Happy Holidays people!
My holiday is spent watching Gossip Girl re-runs (i’m now back on Season 2!) while clearing all Card Maison artworks!
Off for a double movie date tonight to watch 47 Ronin and i’m hoping tomorrow we can go eat at East Coast. I miss the Honey Chicken Wings there.

Speaking about movies, ever since i discovered Cathay West Mall have these Elite Club Seats, i never go to any other movie theatre! The seats are uber-comfortable cos u can recline the back rest and the leg rest. Not to mention, the leg room is so spacious.
Tickets are from $11.50 – $15.00. Not that much difference from the normal ticket price for the additional comfort. Not sure if it’s available at any other Cathay Theatres though but worth checking it out!



I’ve been looking for an idea to store my bags and the little knick knacks i have nicely for quite sometime. It all began with the quest for the new wardrobe and then one thing led to another. As usual.

so anyway, i’ve been following this lady on Instagram for quite some time. I LOVE her bags especially all the candy-coloured Hermes.I don’t have a strong urge yet to get a Hermes but i know it is something i would love to have eventually. .

So anyway back to this girl she has one of the nicest ‘playground’ i’ve seen so far. A no-frills basic setup.


U can totally tell that she’s into Chanel & Hermes and look at all her Hermes. They are so colourful!

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impulsive choices

u know how sometimes when you have an idea in your head and then u are dead set on it and then nothing can change your mind?
Last week, during our last raya visiting, while in the car, one of my fringe was hanging loose, framing the sides of my face.

I saw it on the mirror and thought to myself ” when was the last time i had my hair short?”

Asked the hubby if it is ok to cut le hair. He didn’t exactly say yes but he didn’t say no. So i take it that’s a yes! hahaha

I googled for a suitable short haircut for round face and decided to go for somehow a long bob and i knew right from the start, if i ever have to cut my hair short, i will go to Abg Sam.

Since i was going to town to run some errands with the husband,  i made an appointment with him and let him decide what to do with my hair. In his words, i have quite high cheekbones and a nice jawline (he say one, not i say! hahaha) and then he asked if i am committed to blow-dry my hair. Because i no longer have to rush to work in the morning, i said yes!

He immediately said “ok we cut short!”

I gripped my chair at that moment and kept thinking “what the hell am i doing!!!”

But Abg Sam is very professional. He snipped off my hair within minutes, send me off for a hairwash and blow it dry like the pro he is.
It was all nice and fluffy that even the husband love it. I couldn’t stop touching my bob. Even till now!

i did not take much pictures after that haircut though but i took a picture with Abg Sam because he is just super cute, so chatty & friendly.

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