Bag-O-Love, Her, Trying To Conceive


ok very far-fetched but i survived my HSG test!!
Everyone i talked to, told me the HSG test is such a bitch, so much that i got mentally prepared for it to hurt so much that when it actually happen and it doesn’t hurt, it got me thinking “where’s the pain?? is that all? gimme more pain!” hahahah

sadistic kan? i know.

U can’t blame me though. I use to get super bad menstrual cramps. The kind where u tak boleh bangun, but lie down for at least 3 hours and put minyak geliga on my tummy to make it better. I take MC every time my menses is about to arrive. In fact i think my Aunt Flo diva nak mampos, everytime she’s about to arrive, she’ll create one hell of kecoh-ness in my womb just to announce her arrival. Ok ok we get it, you’re arriving. Lain kali takmo over sangat boleh?

So yes, it was a walk in the park for me semalam. In fact the doctor asked me twice “are u seriously ok?”
I was chirpy as a bird the entire time. Ok, except part dia masuk kan this thing (which kind of works like a stopper up my vajajay just to keep the opening open so that they can insert the tube up and inject the dye in. (ok too much information i know, but if you wanna know how HSG test is done, yes that is how it’s done.) that part was uncomfortable. Tak sakit but u just wish they don’t do that to you.
When they insert the dye in, u can feel the cramps coming. But that’s it!
I was up and running in a minute! After they injected the dye in, i was supposed to get up and wait outside for 10 mins and then do the normal X-rays and everything was done within 30mins. Cepat gila tu.

Oh and while registering my name at the counter, the lady asked me “are you dyan from Deardyan?”
hahahahhahaa (hello you!! in case you’re reading again, i didn’t get your name!)

Let’s just say i am so glad that she’s not the one doing my HSG.
Kalau tak, I don’t know where to put my face already. LOL

and then ah, on the way back from the hospital, was checking my email and saw an email from Spotted Fashion.
Apart from The Purse Forum, Spotted Fashion is my daily read. I swear those two sites are no good for my bank account.

i digress. The email i saw was the full lineup of the new bags for Chanel Fall/Winter 2013 and i fell in love with this!


If i think the Chanel So Black is Mysterious and sexy then i think this is Dangerous & Sexy. The hubby love it too.
If it was a man-bag, i would buy this for him! Haha

Again another great seasonal piece from them.  BUT, between this and So Black, if i see these up for sale, pre-loved, i will still grab the So Black because i am actually not a fan of Le Boy designs. I like the classic flaps better.

You know another brand i’ve recently fell in love with? Proenza Schouler.
i love that their bags are very subtle. No in-your-face brand on the bag and such classic designs and the PS1 which i love reminds me of the Mulberry Alexa. But it’s not available here i think. I don’t know if Reebonz carry it cos i would love to try it on.

Im currently liking the medium satchel

4  3

But not this colour. I don’t think i will be that daring to venture on an Electric Blue for bags. Especially not for luxury brands.

I love the Chestnut colour but in Medium Size.
This one is in Large Satchel. Could be a little too big for me, considering i’m quite vertically challenged. lol

1  2

Net-A-Porter is selling it but it’s hard to purchase when u have not tried on it.
and how did i start talking about bags when i was telling you guys about my HSG?

sigh. i’m getting too obsessed.



13 thoughts on “survivor”

    1. heheheh
      but i can get the Classic Jumbo anytime cos it’s always available. the seasonal ones cepat habis. lol

      im so so glad the HSG was wnet well too! I couldn’t sleep the night before though!

  1. Wah.. at least this entry will make those who need to go for HSG less scared 🙂 Not sure where you can *try* the PS1, but you can get it from! PS1 has soo many yummy colours!!

    1. Yeaaah! If orang yang selalu ada cramps, this would be kacang lah. lol

      Thanks!! I didn’t know Kepris has it! But i think i still wanna try 1st. hehe
      I wanna feel how the leather is like dulu before i buy.

  2. Every time I see your blog or Ezdi’s blog I will just lust over the bags you guys posted. Macam bad for health gitu but still wanna lust over them haha. The so black is so so nice can.

  3. Alhamdulillah it was a breeze for u! I think for those girls with very bad period cramps, HSG memang a walk in the park je.. hehe. Hope that all will go well for you after this.

  4. Alhamdulillah it went well for u and couldn’t agree more that ladies with very bad menstrual cramps will feel that HSG is a walk in the park.. hehe. Hope that your baby making project will go well after this, Insya’Allah. Good to know that there are others in the same boat as well. Try and never give up! 😉

  5. Bagsssss.. I love. And yes, Reebonz do have Proenza.. in beautiful colours! *slurps* Ok, I’m a new reader. Heh. Tak tahu malu all of a sudden just comment. I’m ttc-ing too. May Allah make our dreams reality one day in sya Allah.

    1. Hee! Yay! Another bag love in here!
      I didn’t know Reebonz have it! Kalau gitu, then i must go Reebonz Space and check it out!

      Insyaallah dear, one day!

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