u so black

i need to go to the hospital soon. but the weather mcm memanggil suruh tido balik. -____-

anyway, while replying to Ezdi’s comment on Chanel, i just remembered another collection that i love from them.

The So Black!



As you might have already guessed, everything is black. From the turnlocks to the chains and the interior lining. hence the moniker.
Not just black, it’s matte black.

This piece is so mysterious and sexy and i could totally pair it with a bright dressy dress like this


or rock it with casual black like this get-up.


But i don’t think it is still available in Stores. It was a seasonal design and i would get it in a heartbeat if i see a well-maintained pre-loved one!

And oh, in case u think i like everything from them, actually not true. I hate the Patent Leather bags.


I don’t think i have ever lusted for one and i don’t i will ever get one. Heh.


4 thoughts on “u so black”

  1. patent one mcm beli kat pasar $40 gitu eh!

    and i loveee the all-black alsoo! so cantikk! i only have one C and even that is vintage (tapi ostrich leather HAHAHAHA) which i share with my kak wid. heirloom from my aunt!

    sighhh nasib baik lahhh aku tgh sep duit nak renovate rumah, kalau tak… :p

    1. waaaaahhhh i would love a Vintage!!
      I personally feel the Vintage nya quality lagi better than the newer ones. When i went in chanel the other day, boleh rasa sey, different bags rasa lain. Even though they are all lambskin! hahaha

      takpelah pelan2! Save duit utk rumah dulu. Tu lagik important! heehee
      For me rumah & wedding dah habis.. so whatever savings i have now is mainly for our Trying to Conceive journey and Bags!! hahaha

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