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The Big Bag Theory

I got myself another diaper bag. fml.

I know i have an obsession with bags but never thought i’ll feel the same about diaper bags. During my pregnancy i thought i’ll just need one diaper bag and be contented. I also found diaper bags to be boring. But i got sucked into a whole new world and now i’m obsessed.

My 1st Diaper bag is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy BackPack which looks like this.
It’s costly & bulky. But you know it is of a good quality. I love this bag but it’s heavy and bulky on it’s own so i only use this if we are going out with Rusly cos that means i can bring the stroller out and don’t need to lug this all around on my own.

My 2nd diaper bag is a free gift from getting the Babyzen Yoyo Stroller. At first i thought it was too big but after few uses, i started to like it more than my 1st diaper bag! It was lightweight and very spacious. Perfect if we are out for the whole day and also if we need to leave Nadya at my mom’s place cos i can put in lotsa stuff in there. But again, not practical to bring such a big bag when i go out alone with Nadya. Especially if i babywear.

So i started searching for a lightweight bag that will fit Nadya’s necessities and small enough for me to carry when i baywear her and bring her out alone. That’s where the new bag comes in. It fits all my criteria perfectly that i’m tempted to go get another design!

2015-03-26 14.06.19

Got myself the Jujube Hobobe Legacy Collection. I couldn’t decide which print i like the most but finally settled on The Admiral. Bought it from Maternity Exchange and it was the last piece for this model! Phewww

2015-03-26 14.12.28

Comparison of the diaper bags. Extreme left being the one from Petunia Pickle Bottom. Can u see the huge difference?!

large-hobobe admiral
This is how the hobobe looks like.

and this is how it looks like when worn. The straps are adjustable so i wear it higher. Like a handbag.
I’ve tried putting in all of Nadya’s necessities and it fits nicely! Perfect for a quick trip out say for a lunch date or a shopping trip!

and since we’re at it, let’s see what i can fit in the bag and what i usually pack in Nadya’s bag when we go out for a short trip to the mall.

2015-03-26 18.47.06

1. Wet Bag for you know, wet clothes if any.
2. Extra clothes
3. Burp Cloth & Handkerchief
4. Thermal Bottle
5. Milk Bottle
6. Formula Powder Dispenser. Nadya is on mix feed currently. More on that in another post!
7. Wet Wipes
8. Diapers. I bring out at least 3. More if we are going out the entire day.
9. Pacifier Wipes. I use this mainly to wipe the bottles clean after rinsing it with water since there won’t be bottle detergents when we got out.
10. House keys
11. Wallet.
12. Pacifier
13. Lipstick
What’s missing is the diaper rash cream. Forgot to include that in! That and my HP. Couldn’t include that in cos i was using it to take these pictures!

2015-03-26 18.44.33

Here’s how it looks like when arranged. It fits everything nicely and this bag comes with a matching changing pad that is so thin, i can just slot it in at the compartment behind.

2015-03-26 18.42.02

All my belongings goes to the zippered compartment right in front for easy access and i’m good to go!
I can now babywear and not worry about having to lug so many things around!

Would i recommend the Jujube Diaper Bags? YES! It is very lightweight and best of all, the bag is machine-washable.
It is functional as a diaper bag but yet comes in an array of nice designs!

I’m tempted to get the Queen of Nile design next!

I just need to justify the purchase.
Or maybe not.

16 thoughts on “The Big Bag Theory”

  1. Hi Dyan,
    One tip from me. Do pack along a small perfume bottle..i brought along the johnson’s baby cologne. For those unfortunate & unexpected vomit..the cologne is a saviour when we are out.

  2. Jujube’s Legacy collection is damn nice! But I haven’t fallen in love with any diaper bag yet so we’ll see haha

  3. Lawa nye the diaper bag.. I didnt bother to buy diaper bag when I was pregnant now im stuck with the sg50 POSB diaper bag. Haha. Tak glamour sey! Hahaha. Menyesal tak beli earlier.. I know what excuse you can use. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.. Hmm matching bag for raya, babe! Haha.

    1. Hahahahaha do you know i still have not open my SG50 nya gift pack pun! LOL

      Go and get a diaper bag lah. More reason for you to get since u have not! Lol

  4. Great taste because I have the exact same diaper bag! Heehee! And I agree it is the best! I bought a grey camo design though cos I wanted it to be as ungirly as possible for my husb to carry but the design you got is gorg!


  5. The bag on the last pic is very nice! I takde anak pun I feel so tempted to buy for myself! Hahahahaha. And I am amazed by the number of things you can fit into the bag, I think I hear it calling out to me to buy! =S

  6. Hi Dyan!
    Just an avid reader of yours.
    Can you please give me your reviews on the Yoyo stroller. Planning to buy 1 but still having some thoughts on whether is it worth it or not.
    Or maybe you can share me your thoughts via email.
    My email

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Shika,

      Was planning on blogging about it actually! Will do up the post these few days ok! Hopefully before the baby fair! Lol

      1. Yay thank you dyan for your review!!!! Tested the stroller at baby fair and my hubby fell in love with how compact it is.

  7. Hi Dyan,

    Do u have the sg50 diaper bag? Is your jujube diaper bag lighter than the sg50 bag? Am considering to get the jujube hobobe diaper bag too but worried after putting all baby stuff in, will be heavy 😦

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