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Oh we’re tripping!

We just got back from our KL trip safe & sound! And by that i mean, i do not have any suicide thoughts nor did i have this urge to leave my daughter behind in KL and let her jadi orang mesia yang tengah sibuk merungut pasal GST. LOL
Honestly, i was sceptical about bringing her along. Would she be fussy and crying all the time and then i get flustered etc. Worst, what if tiba2 ada orang kidnap anak aku without me realising it. Serious aku fikir bukan2. I think too much and i need to stop this perangai tak senonoh.

Nadya proved me wrong! She was quiet throughout the entire car ride. Only waking up for feeds, and then tido balik. Serious, member penat macam dia pulak yang drive berjam-jam. But itu jugak bermakna i can sleep through the car ride. Yes, i make a very bad roadtrip partner cos i always sleep during car rides. So yes the car ride was surprisingly sane for all of us!

In fact, i have to pat Nadya’s back. She was a really fuss free travel partner and you know what, i think babies below 3 months are ideal for short trips like this (if you’re scared of bringing them on board a plane) cos they sleep all the time! They don’t move around that much! So yes, if you’re expecting and you think u need a short trip after your confinement, go ahead! Akak kasi seal of approval! It’s really easy to bring them travelling at this age. But the packing of the bag tu ada sikit tak senonoh. Pergi for a weekend tapi pack macam pergi satu minggu. No more light packing! Sigh.

We left our house at 6.00am to avoid the jam. Itu pun jam jugak. Lol
I think part of the reason why Nadya so syiok tido was because she was strapped on me all the time. We didn’t have space to put in a car seat so i use the ring sling in the car instead and it worked! Although she drooled all over my top. Selamat i was smart enough to just wear a plain black cotton top. We used the ring sling in the car and when we’re walking at carparks etc. Once we’re in the shopping mall or while eating, we switched to the stroller. Either way, she likes them both, thankfully!

We ate at few places but will only mention those worth mentioning ok!

We went straight to Publika for Gyu-Kaku, of course. It’s our favourite place in KL now. Again, we told the waiter to help us cook and tipped him for that.


Ok advertisement kita selitkan muka budak ni.

We also managed to go to Roa by Jovian Mandagie.
Now i’m always put off by bad service and the service we received on that day is undesirable but i’m also a sucker for damn good food so i’ll give them another chance and probably go there again!

I made a reservation at least 2 weeks before the trip through their online reservation form. A week before the trip, i have yet to receive any confirmation for my reservation so i called them up. They did not have my reservation so i made another reservation thru phone.

When we arrived, no table was reserved for us. So upsetting that we had to wait for a table even though we made a reservation. We had to wait 20mins for a table. Upon getting a table, the waiter shoved us a menu and told us “no need to order from the menu because we can’t get it done for you. You can only choose what’s available at the counter.” at that point, i was thinking, then kasi aku menu buat apa sak.

So i went to the food counter and found this:


Only 2 dishes available. Yang lain semua dah bis and it was only 1.30pm. So i asked this Bangla waiter if they’re topping up the food and in his words, he said “Yes.. but it will take 20 mins or 1 hour i don’t know. Just take what we have now lah. No need to wait .”

They have this Set Lunch thing where you can choose 3 dishes + 1 vege so i asked him how when u only have 2 dishes right now. He told me “Then u take 2 portion of the dish we have.” WTF gila.

I gave up, i looked for the manager and asked her if they be topping up the food and she said yes, in 20 mins, there will be 3 more dishes. Fair enough, i told them i’ll wait. Goodness me, i was so close to punching that Bangla waiter. Aku dah lapar then u give me that stupid solution. Just tell me i have to wait and i’ll wait but don’t keep insisting that i should just take two dishes instead. Nampak sangat kau nak aku abiskan je lauk tu. Pfft.

But food wise, IT IS DELICIOUS! Really nice food there that by the time i finish half of my lunch, i forgot all about that stupid bangla waiter. It was really menyelerakan, i had two servings of rice! If you love spicy food (i do!) then this is perfect. My advise, if you wanna go, be there early! They open at 10.00am so pergilah sebelum lunch hour kalau boleh!

Since we were at Bangsar area (which i should mention for being quite a hip area and has tons of cafes / local designers & hair salons everywhere), we went to search for Eat Me which is just a street away. Heard so much about the Chempedak waffles and they did not dissapoint! Their churros were also nice but then again i think most churros i’ve tasted are quite nice so really nothing to shout about. But the Waffles are a must have! Crispy waffles with vanilla ice cream and chempedak sauce. Meleleh airliur.

I had fun! Good company, good food and my daughter did not create much fuss. So glad we brought her!
Looking forward to the next few trips!

In fact we’ll be going on short trips every single month up to September. except for July cos it’s Ramadhan.
Yes, i really bantai all the short trips i can have now because i couldn’t go to any during my pregnancy and had to forfeit two airplane tickets (and i’m still sore about that! Hahahaha)

Told Rusly we can afford to go to multiple short trips this year cos Nadya is still small and it should be pretty easy to bring her around. When she’s a year old and above, we intend to restrict ourselves to one Long distance trip beginning of the year and a short trip at the end of the year! We’re looking at either New Zealand or Japan for January 2016 Inshaallah!
I’m already comparing flight tickets! LOL

For 2015, we have Penang (May), Kuala Lumpur (Yes, again! In June), Krabi (August) & Jogjakarta (September) to look forward to! If you have been to Penang / Jogjakarta, give me tips!

Now we still have Oct – Dec. Not sure if we can squeeze one more trip in between or just wait for the January trip!

3 thoughts on “Oh we’re tripping!”

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time in KL!! It’s been eons since I’ve travelled but I am considering KL this June. It’ll be my first time out of the country with baby in tow so I’m wondering how was feeding/ diaper changing like..? Are nursing rooms conveniently found?

    1. KL is not as baby-friendly as i thought. We went to Mid Valley Megamall and there was only 1 diaper room at Level 1 & 5. We went to Level 5, thinking it’ll be full-fledged nursing room. Turns out it’s just a handicap toilet with a diaper changing station! Sighhh. I had to make do cos Nadya poo-ed!

      Other times, i do her diaper change in the car and in the hotel room only.. Nursing wise i think they are quite receptive to nursing in public. I bottle feed nadya so it was easier but i have seen local mamas with their nursing covers

      1. Ahhh.. I see. Yes the car comes in handy or if its that dire, open table sudah la. Hahaha. I’m not too keen to nurse in a foreign land but will definitely need access to boiling water to warm chilled breast milk. I’ve seen a bottle warmer that can be plugged into the car unit at Baby Kingdom. Perhaps that will come in handy. Thanks for the heads up!

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