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Everyday we’re Yoyo-ing!

It’s funny how things have changed for this blog! 3 years ago, i keep receiving emails asking for recommendations on wedding matters. Actually i’ve stopped replying to such emails already because i’ve moved on from weddings because that’s just what BTBs Basi should do. There is so much more to talk about than weddings u know?

And then when i was TTC-ing a few of you emailed to ask for tips etc. Yang this one i still layan because it’s something very very dear to me and it’s something i’m still looking forward to in years to come! So yes, you’re always welcome to email me and share with me your TTC Journey!

Then recently, i keep getting emails on hospital reviews, gynae reviews and most commonly the stroller review! I didn’t have time to reply to any cos i was busy with Nadya and also cos i figure i should use the stroller few times for me to give a substantial review lah kan.


Until this came in today and i figure since the Baby Fair is this weekend, i should just hurry up with the review so u can consider if you wanna get the stroller or not.


Review on the Babyzen Yoyo. I bought the 0+ & 6+ month bundle from the baby fair.
Before i start on the review, do note that i am not a hardcore stroller user and i switch between using the stroller and babywearing. This is my personal opinion on the stroller.

If i can describe it in 3 words, it is light, compact and awesome.
I have no regrets buying this stroller. I’ve brought Nadya out with the stroller, took a cab and we went out shopping all by myself. I manage to do all that while carrying Nadya in one arm and folding the stroller with the other hand. Before i do that, i practised by holding a diaper bag in one arm and tried folding the stroller using the other available hand. It is do-able and not that hard because all u need is to flip the stroller.

I also brought the stroller to KL and it is travel-friendly because of the size. We intend to bring it to our Penang trip this May cos it’ll be her 1st flight out and hopefully it’ll be useful for flight trips as well.

I managed to psycho 2 of my friends to buy this stroller cos they saw how handy and light it was. I even had one stranger coming up to me to ask the model of the stroller because to her, it looks light but sturdy and indeed it is.

I also love how compact it is when folded. Plus point because it can go up the airplane cabin baggage area. Size-wise, it’s perfect for Nadya. She is comfortable with the stroller, does not find it hot and does not resist or cry when we put her in the stroller.

The only thing i dislike is the half canopy. I wish it was a full canopy so i don’t have to cover it with a swaddle when the sun is too bright. But other than that, i can find no fault with the stroller.

Have i told you it’s light? It’s 6kg and although u can feel the weight, please imagine how a 10kg stroller feels like and i don’t think you can fold a stroller single-handedly with a baby in your arms.

My advise in getting a stroller, start your survey early. I bought the stroller even when Nadya is not out yet and i put her in the stroller when she was a week old just to get her used to it. Alhamdulillah she is ok with it. If you intend to use a stroller, start them early. It’ll be easier for you later.

How to know if you can handle a stroller on your own? When you do your stroller survey, try fold and unfold the stroller using one hand. Cos honestly that’s what you’ll be doing all the time especially if you intend to go out alone with baby. Cos there’s no way i’ll pass my baby to a random stranger and get them to hold her while i settle the stroller.

If you can handle the stroller alone with one hand, then put it in your KIV List. It does not have to be necessarily the Yoyo. Can be any other stroller. As long as you can manage it on your own cos we all have different level of strength. I honestly cannot handle anything more than 7kg on my own.

If you ask me if i would recommend the stroller, i say yes of course.
it might not be the cheapest lightweight stroller but it is of good quality and safe for my baby.

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