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impulsive choices

u know how sometimes when you have an idea in your head and then u are dead set on it and then nothing can change your mind?
Last week, during our last raya visiting, while in the car, one of my fringe was hanging loose, framing the sides of my face.

I saw it on the mirror and thought to myself ” when was the last time i had my hair short?”

Asked the hubby if it is ok to cut le hair. He didn’t exactly say yes but he didn’t say no. So i take it that’s a yes! hahaha

I googled for a suitable short haircut for round face and decided to go for somehow a long bob and i knew right from the start, if i ever have to cut my hair short, i will go to Abg Sam.

Since i was going to town to run some errands with the husband,  i made an appointment with him and let him decide what to do with my hair. In his words, i have quite high cheekbones and a nice jawline (he say one, not i say! hahaha) and then he asked if i am committed to blow-dry my hair. Because i no longer have to rush to work in the morning, i said yes!

He immediately said “ok we cut short!”

I gripped my chair at that moment and kept thinking “what the hell am i doing!!!”

But Abg Sam is very professional. He snipped off my hair within minutes, send me off for a hairwash and blow it dry like the pro he is.
It was all nice and fluffy that even the husband love it. I couldn’t stop touching my bob. Even till now!

i did not take much pictures after that haircut though but i took a picture with Abg Sam because he is just super cute, so chatty & friendly.


and another one in the lift. haha

i’m also considering highlights to be done. maybe soon when i have few hours to spare in a salon.

and then on that same day, i made another impulsive choice. Remember i was supposed to go in Chanel and try their Jumbo?
The Jumbo is love! The size is a right fit for me so a Jumbo is a definite!

While browsing, i saw the Wallet on Chain (WOC) and the Flap Wallet. Fell in love at first sight and paid for it. *face palm*
Super impulsive but i love it too much to wait.


I chose the WOC in Lambskin with Silver hardware and the Wallet in Soft Matte Caviar.
To be honest, the reason why i got both was because i couldn’t decide between getting a Lambskin or the Caviar.

i love love the lambskin because it’s soft but i know it’s prone to scratches etc so i chose it for the WOC.
As for Caviar, honestly not that much of a fan because it’s rough and stiff but i know for a long run, it would be good cos it could take a beating.

They had the Matte Soft Caviar when i went. It is not as soft as lambskin but softer than the normal caviar.
I chose it for the wallet since i’m quite rough with wallets and chances of it getting scratched by my keys etc is quite low?

Now for the Jumbo, i really don’t know if i should take lambskin or caviar.
i really love the lambskin and i think it feels more luxurious than caviar and feels like it’s much more worth the hefty price tag.
But i hate to think that for many years to come, i will be baby-ing that bag and probable be very paranoid when people get too close to me. haha

I still have a month plus to make my decision though!

12 thoughts on “impulsive choices”

    1. i been getting ” you look younger’ comments lately so tak sia2 potong pendek. #thingsyoudob4turning30

      Yes i can’t believe i came out with two. My husband mata macam nak pop out. hahaha

  1. Gorgeous! The bob really suits you! And I think you should go for the lambskin for your jumbo. Although lambskin is soooo buttery soft, it is not that fragile tau! Heh.. And as you mention, for the price tag, it will be a sin to get the caviar and then forever regret not getting to rasa the buttery-ness of well crafted lambskin. Cheh. Hehe I think the only reason why I adore luxury bags is because of the leather. The difference between well crafted leather and those run of the mill leather is really world’s apart.

    1. Thank you babe!

      i agree on the well crafted leather. The lambskin is so delicious.

      or maybe i should get 1 Jumbo in caviar and 1 medium in Lambskin since medium’s are much dressier.

      perangai step macam duit makan tak habis!

  2. Ahhh Chanels so yummehhh. My WOC is the same one (but in red) and the lambskin is so lovelyy to touchhh. While your dilemma is caviar vs lambskin, mine is med vs jumbo vs reissue haha but I have lots of time to decide

    1. Hahahaha
      You know another one i love from Chanel is the So Black. But i don’t think they sell it already. So if i ever see anyone selling it 2nd hand, i will buy it. Because it is really gorgeous.

  3. I love ur hairstyle la!!! I’m so tempted to cut my hair like urs! But my fiance give the “i-like-it-long” puss-in-boot eye look… Alahai dah tak sampai hati pulak… Lol… Gotta build that immunity against that eye look! Haha

    1. Thank you! my husband dulu pun gitu!
      he never like women with short hair cos she himself simpan rambut panjang.

      But me on the hand, always love having short hair, especially after having long hair for few years cos it instanlt takes off few years off your face.

      Tapi now u cannot cut dulu! Try tunggu lepas kahwin! hehee

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